Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Experience

I have been doing a lot of self evaluation these past days since my mini meltdown last week when I had a bad ride. I came up with some good resolutions to some of my quirks and my need to feel guilty about everything I do for myself. I think it all comes down to life being about experience. We all have lots of different levels of experience in all we do and all we are exposed to.

Take today for instance, I went down to have another lesson with Harley and Mike. I went in the evening which is not my normal routine but thought it would do me good. When I arrived there were three other people about to start their lessons. I listened intently while saddling Harley, this is not my strongest asset....I love to talk! But I digress.... turns out these folks were all just starting out riding two were probably in their twenties and one in his forties like me. We all rode in the arena together at our own pace with Mike and Corey helping all of us. The girl remarked at how good I looked and she wished she could get herself together and ride like me.... HA! I told her just a week ago I was ready to sell my horse and quit trying.. just kiddin he is NOT for sale. It got me to thinking thou. I have been riding for 30 years and I still feel like a beginner next to Mike and Corey , yet this girl thought I looked great. Ya know she was right, I am in my own experience looking great! I had a good lesson and made some real progress with the spins and my hands in general. I will try for pictures on Friday of Mike riding him so you all can live the experience with me! He got his beginner plates on today and I actually slid......about two feet..a small but good start. At least I managed to stay in the saddle correctly this time. I leave you with this quote I found today a good one for sure:

"Experience is what you gain from your own actions, Wisdom is what you gain from the experience of others."

Author unknown

Happy trails.....


Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds to me like that perspective of yours is moving right along to a much better place. Good for you.

Mrs Mom said...

Atta girl TRC! ;)

Be strong in your mind and you will be strong in the saddle ;)

Thx for stopping in at HorseFeathers today, and chipping in your idea on the Proofs of Purchase too. I had completely forgotten all about that. Duh... I value your input since you are an active member in your rescue, and would love to hear other ideas and suggestions you have for folks too.

Keep your chin up there woman, and we will catch ya spinnin and sliding in no time :)

Kris said...

I say keep it up! I think the day we stop learning is the day we should quit! Everyone is at there level of experience, I say hold your head high and keep it up! I found you via Mrs. Mom's site! I will be back to visit again! Have a great and blessed day!

Resting Racers Ranch said...

Hi..I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. Where do you live?