Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Yipes that is an understatement!!

We are in the midst of the cold snap like most of the rest of the country. Enjoyed the first snow of the season on Saturday morning. I say enjoyed because it fell just a little and it melted and went away. No surprise here that I am not a winter weather fan, I mean I am a Floridian still at heart.

Saturday we pulled the Christmas float for my littlest one's school. Well, I should say my husband pulled the float, I walked 2 miles handing out candy to the parade watchers. It was cold, the little ones had to endure 30 degree temps on that float.
Here is a pic of the little cuties!

Sunday I awoke to yet more snow and still frigid temps, 17 degrees. I tried to go and get my saddle out of my horse trailer but the lock was frozen shut. Rats!! (note to self, when we thaw bring the saddle home to the house) I drove the hour and forty five minutes down to see Frank praying the temp would rise to above freezing the further South I got. No deal. It was 35 when I got out. I watched Scott ride him for a bit then I got my chance. I could barely get on with my winter duds on and um the little extra weight I have packed back on. sigh...... endless battle there.

Frank is doing great! He is still having issues to the right but we are hopeful it will click soon. He is almost slick which is strange for me as I usually let them grow hair. He actually does not grow much hair to begin with but man with that hood and blanket on he is looking good. I enjoyed riding him and braided his mane and tail and spent mommy time with him for a good while before heading home.

This morning I had another run in with the deer. I swear I have bad deer Karma.
Yes, another one jumped out and slammed into the truck this morning on my way taking the kids to school. Luckily we were only going 15 miles an hour and she survived and the truck suffered more scratches on the same side. It is supposed to get fixed Thursday I am debating waiting til hunting season is over. Anyone having trouble finding deer to hunt?? Call me up I am a magnet!

Just gotta laugh what else is there to do???

happy trails.....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in the saddle again... almost

Two posts in one week don't anyone faint here.....

I am finally back in the land of living... the little punks gave me the stomach virus and I puked for a day straight before hitting the meds. My stomach feels like I have been on an ab machine for six days straight... where are my six pack abs????
Oh well, happy to report we are all well and mended as of today.

Looking forward to the weekend! I am making the trip down to see Frank and am going to ride him for the first time in oh heck I cannot even remember.....

Scott says he is doing well and is even managing to remember how to turn to the right. He is soooo left handed, (the sign of a genius right?)that he cannot perform the turnarounds to the right without wacking himself and tangling his legs all up.
He is such a patient and good boy though and I think the marble is finally rolling to the right side of his brain (literally). Time for us to start getting it together, the first ranch horse show is January 23-24. You all know how much I love winter riding NOT! but since I am working as a show secretary and everyone and their brother seems to want to hire me I have to show when I can. Time to cowgirl up and pull out the winter skibbys. It was 28 here this morning and I think the high of 40
haven't made it outside. Well best get back to work, must catch up on the three days I missed before another week starts. Hope to check in with you Monday and post some pics!

Happy trails....