Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just knew it

Today after two days in the barn I relented and let Tank and Jane go outside to the field. I did not have a good feeling about it but knew Tank was on the verge of going stir crazy in there. You see I just don't want anyone hurt out there. The ice makes me nervous and with the roads still a mess getting a vet here would be near impossible.

But I did turn them out for the sake of Tank's mental health.
He always loves being outdoors except at night to sleep in his comfy shavings bed. So with much effort on my part. Think put on coveralls lug myself down the lane through 15 inches of snow and ice and arrive at barn only to lead them out into fresh snow to the pasture which is now a white oblivion. First Jane, she hates the falling through the ice part. You see we had 6 inches of snow then a layer of ice then more snow. It is loud and hard to walk in. Tank did his best prancing pony routine all the way to the gate, he was not bothered by the crunching or sliding. Then the gate was frozen into the ground, ugh! After much grunting and yelling I HATE THIS PLACE! I was able to get it closed. I filled the hay feeder and proceeded to clean the wreck of a barn. That crazy Tank was running and rolling and pestering poor Jane who was more than content to just stand at the hay feeder and get fatter.

Later today when I went to fetch them my worst fears were realized. Fresh blood in the snow! Not alot of blood but definitely blood. I just knew it. Why, oh why do I not follow my gut?? I determined it was coming from Tank and quickly brought him in and started scouring his legs and feet. After picking snow balls out of his front feet and finding nothing I moved to the rear. Bingo, he has a small cut on the bulb of his left hind. Doesn't look to serious and I was able to trim away the flap and clean it up good. Whew, luckily nothing serious. But.........
What to do tomorrow? Turn out again or not?

One good thing about the storm and all this mess is that Frankie has to stay at Cory's for awhile longer. I spoke with Mike tonight and they got hit with a lot more ice than us and it is really a mess. I cannot even get to my trailer to hook it up so there he will stay and continue to get ridden. Now just have to find a way to finance it!

Happy trails....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's over!

Well, I am happy to report the storm has past us finally and the snow is over.

Here is the final count

Yes folks that reads 15" of snow! We also had this last night before the next round of snow fell this morning.

An inch of freezing rain

So, after the dust settled we had 6" of snow, then an inch of ice and then 9 more inches of snow. The good news is (if there is any to be had) is that we did not lose power. The bad news is, we are stuck here for awhile. The worse news is, that hubby is stranded in New York until tomorrow at earliest. The even worst news is that bright and early this morning I broke off half a molar and my tooth is killing me!! I will survive and maybe by not being able to eat without pain I can lose a few pounds! Ha!

Here are a few shots from this morning

This is my side door to my house, you can see the snow is up to the top step.

Betty in her snowsuit, she really does not appreciate wearing it.

We did some sledding

That made the boys very happy!

This could be the saddest picture ever! Makes me wish for spring.

Just to show you what a good sport I am, here I am making snow angels!

The horses must stay inside today so we gave them some attention and lots of yummy hay to keep them busy. Here are the boys with that darling donkey Jane.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where does the time go?

Wow, has it been a week since I posted last???

Sheez, you'd think I was busy or something. Actually I am always busy, just ask anyone who is in my vicinity. Oh wait, there is no one in my vicinity which is probably why I am so busy!

Let's see, what to catch you up on?

I did manage to see Frankie boy twice last week and ride him both times. I would like to tell you we get along like peas in a pod but it is too soon to tell. He is still in boot camp and not real happy most days about being told how to turn around and how to stop correctly. On Friday I stopped on the way to the show in Bowling Green, the weather was unusually nice actually around 53 degrees. Cory rode him first and he did make progress from Monday. He actually looked OK doing his run downs to the stop. He still won't commit every time to keeping his shoulders up through the stop but is making good progress. I got on and Cory showed me how to work him in the turnarounds and a few other things he has been working on. I snapped this picture of Cory riding him that day.

I took several others but the indoor is so dark and my flash does not quite get it light enough for good pictures. I am supposed to bring him home on Saturday but...
we are in the midst of a winter storm right now and not sure of much.

Today so far we have had 6" of snow and it has been freezing rain for the past three hours. We are supposed to get a foot more tonight! Yikes! Of course the kiddos are out of school and we did some early morning snow stuff before the freezing rain hit.

Above picture is of littlest one and faithful dog Betty this is the lane heading back to the horse barn.

This is the biggest one, who YES is a ham bone for pictures and he LOVES snow!

And here is little Betty who found a toy to place snow chase with.

Well, I am off to wade back to the horses and fill up the buckets and hay feeder in the stalls for the night. I will try to be back tomorrow with snow totals and more pictures for ya!

Happy trails.......

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who wants some lemonade???

Dear friend and fellow blogger Melanie at
The Knutson family has awarded me with an award. I really appreciate this lemonade award as I am in the middle of the dreaded winter and could use all the sunny thoughts I can get. There are rules and all that junk that I of course cannot remember except to thank and link who sent it to you and choose 10 others for the award. Being my usual self I will not follow the rules except to thank Melanie profusely again and I will pass along a few names of fellow bloggers I think you should visit in your spare time.

So my fellow bloggers go and check out:

All in a day's work Luanne is fairly new to blogging but is a fellow ranch horse friend and she does love her horses. She takes great photos and makes wonderful jewelry.

Gecko musings This gal lives in the outback and takes some beautiful shots of the country and her beloved cows. Wish I could go and see her beautiful country!

All horse stuff K you are an inspiration to me, you stay so positive and ride in all kinds of weather. I really enjoy your blog.

The sun is shining here today although it is still 20 degrees! Hope you all are having sunny days too!

Happy trails.......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Woo Hoo!

That's right kids, I said woo hoo ya'll know what that means.....


Snuck off this morning for a much needed Frankie day. Although it was only 16 degrees outside and darn right cold, I did it! First Cory rode him and showed me all that I have missed in the last two weeks that I had not seen him, then I got a turn. Cory is working on stops now and I must tell you, poor ole Frankie is terrified to run! He looks so scared going down the arena and Cory isn't even pushing him yet. He is coming along good and I really hate that I must bring him home but I have come to terms with it. Cory is taking him slow and really making a nice fellow out of him. His turn arounds are coming together nicely and he is so stinking sweet I can't get over it. He so wants to be a big pet. Funny since he has never had anyone to dote on him in his short little life. I brought a blanket to try on him since he will need one when he comes home and it did not fit, that means a trip into the steamer trunk for a smaller size. I had a boarding stable when I lived in Fl and inherited lots of tack and blankets when folks threw them out or left them behind. I am sure we can find a 76 in there somewhere.
I did dote on him after riding even tho my feet were frozen in my boots. I think we are gonna get along great. I am going back Friday afternoon on my way to a show in Bowling Green Ky. I am apprenticing at a ranch horse show in prep for my judges seminar next month. I probably won't ride on Friday since I have the kiddos but at least I will get to see him again. Yes, I forgot the stinking camera again. I guess I need two, just leave one in my car.

Melanie , thank you for the award! I promise to get to it soon.

Yes, still slaving on the website, can't seem to get the images right just yet but still working at it. Be patient!

Happy trails....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New day

It's a new day and a new outlook. Yes, it is still winter freezing worse than ever but I refuse to be drug down in the doldrums anymore. The actual temp is zero right now with wind chill around 7 below, the ponies are not enjoying the weather either.
I did manage to get the heated buckets going again so no more ice carving for me.
I tried every blanket I have on Jane and none fit, I feel a little bad for her with no blanket on, but she has lots of fur and seems ok. I am really throwing the hay to the kids and she loves that!

I am so, so close to completing my website it is not even funny. I haven't created to many things this week since I have had kid duty for a week with no Dad. I did however, retrieve him from the airport last eve and he is home for the rest of the week which eases some of the chores. No school today as they are on a two hour delay which means no preschool or kindergarten. I may have to give in and go to the dreaded Chuckie Cheese joint just to get them out of here. NOooooooo~

Trying like mad to get down to see Frankie, can't remember the last time I was there.
Not enough hours in the day I tell ya. Thanks for all your reminders that I am not in this alone!

Happy trails.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Have you ever......

Have you ever just had one of those days? weeks? months?

Well, yeah I am having that.

Today was the frosting on the cake so to speak. I make no qualms about telling you how much I dread winter, hate winter, despise winter get the point. I started the morning off bright and early at 5:30am it had stopped snowing. Checked the TV made sure no school closings, check the temp outside oooh a balmy 22. Woke up the kids and the fun started, by the time I reached downstairs again Betty dog was barfing on my carpet. No she couldn't pick the hard wood or tile area, had to be the lovely carpet. Out goes the dog, clean up number one begins. The kids were cranky from the big weekend excitement and would have preferred to sleep in for once in their little lives. Shuffle around and get them fed, dressed and off to the bus.
Head out to feed the horse and donkey, slip on ice and fall flat on my big ole arse.
Everything working so get up and head down the drive to the barn. Discover that Jane's heated bucket has stopped heating during the night, grab hammer break ice Jane did not appreciate the frosty cold water. Head back to the house and start laundry, go to the shower when I get back downstairs discover the washer is puking water out from the underneath, luckily it is on the tile floor. Sigh....... truly that is what I did. Clean up the mess, decide it is best if I do not stray from the house today, why push our luck. Make phone calls and one big decision for the day.

Frankie must come home on the 1st. Call Mike and tell him I just can't swing the fee right now and he is disappointed but understands. He asks me if I want to trade for the little mare I been riding. I told him I would give it thought and I am. Called a friend and asked her opinion, she told me to go with the gut.....thanks Shannon I am. Going to keep him and try and work out somewhere to ride him until this winter passes. We are in for some nasty cold the rest of the week now isn't that something to look forward to. Dreaming of summer!

Happy trails.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Food for thought

Since it is winter and I am stuck inside most days except for the occasional sunny over 30 day I find my mind wandering. Most of you know that I have an impending move coming up this summer to a new state. I keep going over the pros and cons of having my horses at my house and thought this good fodder for blogging.

I have lived both ways, indeed back in Fl I even ran a boarding stable (that is a blog in itself). I have boarded my horses and I have had them here in the backyard as I do now, well except for Frankie who is at the trainer's barn for now.

Actually that is what started this whole thought process. You see Frankie's time is up come the first of Feb and I really cannot scrape up the funds to continue his training until Spring as I had hoped. I am dreading the thought of bringing him home because of the weather and no where to ride him. Saying it out loud makes me feel like a spoiled little child. It is aggravating tho to have 10 acres and no safe spot to ride your horse. I have friends with indoor arenas, however that requires trailering over there to ride and hubby has the truck Mon-Fri. What is a girl to do?

While I love having my horses here with me at home here are some things I do not like about it:

WINTER! trudging through snow and ice to feed them and scoop up frozen poopsicles twice daily. It never fails the heater in the bucket stops working on the coldest night. The inability to leave town without securing help to care for them while I am away. The lack of good footing and a safe place to ride. No one to ride with on the days I actually can ride, this is mostly a safety thing I am OK spending time alone with my horse. Schlepping feed, shavings and hay in all kinds of weather.
Constantly mending fence/boards etc.

That being said, here is what I like about having them here:

Watching them out my window anytime of day. Hearing them nicker or in Jane's case He haw at me when I approach the barn or gate. The smell of them! Having my stress reliever at hand whenever I need it. The ease of just loading them up and going when I am taking a horsey trip. Seeing them everyday.

Tough choice to make and it is playing a big part in my decision on where we move to in Kentucky. I would love to find a place to rent with an arena and barn on it but realistically that probably won't happen. I am leaning toward boarding at this point. Which means paring down to one horse because of the expense. Lots to think on this cold winter day.

I am off to Lexington to look at a house and to spend the weekend with BF Susan. She is now a single Super Mom and trying to do it all. She could use some help on her farm and I am glad to go lend a hand. Until then.

Happy trails......

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting the year off affair!

Yes, you read it right. I am having an affair!

A horse affair that is.....
Let me explain. You all know Frankie is deep in boot camp right now and I am not getting the chance to ride him at all. Well, what is a girl to do? I went off and had an affair, with another horse. I truly am missing riding and Tank is not up to sloshing around the muck here at my house so I implored of Mike to find me something to ride. Being the gentleman that he is he set me up with a dandy of a horse. Actually I featured her here on my blog back when I was searching for a Harley replacement. This truly is an affair, I don't even know her name! She is the sorrel
mare that I liked but is a bear to shoe. Cute as a button and super fun to ride.
Mike is letting me ride her when I come down to visit Frankie. Frankie really doesn't know me well enough to feel cheated but I feel like a cheater. But, it is getting me in shape for when Cory decides it is my turn for boot camp.

What of Frankie? He is coming along well, although he has started to show signs of resisting being poked in the belly. He really does not think all this bridling and poking is necessary. He is graduating to a bit this week since he has the face set and is progressing so nicely. I have only been managing to see him once a week and I really miss him. The kiddos are finally back in school and that gives me a little more time now, but with him being an hour away it makes it tight to get down there and back in time to fetch the kids from school.

I am busy creating some new things in leather and have moved my website around to a new host so HOPEFULLY it will be up by weeks end with lots of goodies for you to see.

Happy trails....