Friday, September 24, 2010

who is goin to WEG??

Anyone heading to the World Equestrian Games???

I am living it, have been for weeks now. Been meaning to do a snazzy post on it and all but alas......busy,busy,busy.

I work here in the horse park at the USEF. I have been watching the progress over the summer and slowly have been displaced out of my parking lot and now am hiking or taking a shuttle 2 miles to my car. I am affectionately calling it the Alltech weight loss program!

It really is a sight to behold. I could not have imagined all that has changed here at the park over the last few months. The opening ceremonies are tomorrow and so is reining. Unfortunately work calls and I am running a show office all weekend in Northern Indiana. I will be back Sunday night so should be able to catch some of the events next week. NO, I do not get free tickets or any other perks. I do get general admission with my work credentials but that is it.

Here are some sights from the park in case you can't make it.

this is how the tents started when they were constructing them.

Slowly things came together

I promise I will be back next week with some more pictures of the athletes and horses and give you some updates from ground zero. If you are in town please look me up would love to meet fellow bloggers!

Happy trails....