Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plan B

Hello friends!

If you have been reading along for some time, Thank you, you will understand this latest blog. If you are a new reader, Welcome!, I hope we become friends and you stay for a long while.

I told you some posts ago that I was ready for big changes in my world and was feeling restless, bored, unappreciated, etc. etc. Well I am happy to tell you after my sporadic posts and sometimes long absences from my blog that the time has come.

Last post I told you I moved Frank to a new barn, it was just the tip of the changes to come. The end of September I quit my job at USEF. I know what you are thinking, WHY? in an economy like this would anyone quit a job? Honestly, I hated it! I was literally dragging myself into work each day and hating every second of the day I was stuck there. I found myself daydreaming out the window and avoiding contact with anyone else working there. The work was boring and certainly not appreciated in the least bit by any of my supervisors. So, off I go into self employment again. I LOVE IT!

My pet sitting service is going along fine, I have some clients that I walk dogs for on a weekly basis while they are at work and my weekends are usually full. I have several barns that use my services when they are off to a show so I am happy with the results so far.

I just finished my last show secretary job for the year and am re-evaluating if that is something I want to do next year as well.

I have opened some booths at a local peddlers mall and I am really enjoying being creative with florals and wood burning again. I also garage sale shop for resale items.

But the best part of all this new found freedom is the ability to see Frank daily and ride! I have been riding his hide off!(Not really) but we have been logging some great saddle time. We have been exploring the 300 acres surrounding the farm and found some great long trotting hills and flat fields to lope about. I am heading there now to go enjoy a crisp fall morning of riding. I am considering dusting him off and returning to the show ring next year.

I have so much more to share with you but must get a move on. Next post I will do a recap of a trip to Mammoth Cave horse camp and tell you of my next venture which is of course horse related. For now I leave you with a parting shot of dirty Frankie from yesterday. I am hoping to find him in better shape this morning......

Happy trails.....