Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Days!

Hi Friends,

Stopping in to say hello and let you know what I am up to. I am happy to tell you that Frank is growing back his hair and we are on the downside of the rotten fungus attack. I must do a shameless plug here. Vetricyn works! Jed and I have been scrubbing with Iodine shampoo and spraying with vetrciyn and the results are amazing.
His legs are good now just the back and flanks to go. Had my vet out to survey him and he said we are doing well and to just worm him and carry on our program.

I have been riding twice a week and WOW! he is doing so well. Me .....well I need some serious work. I find that I am suffering from a total lack of confidence these days and I am hoping that with more riding I can find my groove again. Frank is so patient with me and really tries to do the right things despite me getting in his way. I did not take him to world show but I did go down for a few days and watch the competition and was wishing I did take him. Oh well, we are aiming to take him to a show in Indiana for July. I will not be able to show him as I am working the office but Jed will do it for me. I am still trying for pictures so be patient with me.

Happy trails

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello from Kentucky

Hi all, again a prolonged absence and I apologize!!

Been working full time and doing show secretary stuff for seven weekends straight.....whew! Happy to tell you that all that extra cash is being well spent!

Frank is at a new trainer now!! He has been there two weeks and is doing well... so awesome it is beyond words!! The best part is that the trainer and barn are just twenty minutes from my house! Here is where we ARE. I have known this trainer Jed for about six years now and really, really like him. I had made plans to send my former horse Harley to him when he got hired on to Shaun Flarida's place in Ohio.

I get to see Frank several times a week and am going to start my lessons on him next week! I went to see him Friday night and could not believe the progress he has made so quickly. His stops are incredible!

I guess you can tell I am rather excited about our new adventure and can't wait to get showing again. I had planned on taking him to the ARHA world show next week but it seems Frank has contracted a rain rot/ fungus thing probably from the previous place I was keeping him. He has lost lots of hair around his fetlocks and I am sure the humidity here and the fact that he must wear boots when ridden are not helping. I think I have it on the run now, been scrubbing him with Iodine shampoo and treating with a tea tree oil. He has lots of new hairs popping back in but I cannot possibly take him anywhere looking like he does.

I will try to get some new pictures to post for you of him working and maybe some of our hairless fetlocks! Ha.

Happy trails......