Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moving on...

So last post I eluded to some changes in Frank's living conditions. I will now dish the scoop.

Let me begin by saying that for those of you who don't know I used to own/operate a boarding stable in South Florida. I have also had the privilege of having my horses in my own back yard on my hobby farms. Two years ago we relocated to Kentucky and decided not to purchase another farm for economic and personal reasons (mostly I was exhausted from taking care of the farm). We now rent a lovely farm house on a Thoroughbred stud farm. It has one acre fenced off from the actual farm, yet I have a clear view of the daily happenings there. Being that I have lived in these situations I think that I am the best boarder there could ever be. I know far too well what goes on when you own a boarding stable. Somehow your personal space is no longer your personal space, regardless of how many contracts, signs and amenities you provide. I won't go into the horror stories of boarding horses here, i just wanted to give you insight into my back round and as to why I believe I am justified to consider myself a great boarder. That being said, it is with some in trepidation that I am moving the Frank tomorrow. I do like the barn he is at but there are some issues. I think I posted about the lack of a heated bucket this winter and me having to bring one while paying a premium for full board. Then there was the severe weight loss Frank endured until I started buying my own feed, still paying the premium full board price. When spring came around and I became insanely busy I thought Frank would benefit by being turned out 24/7, still I pay the premium full board price although no stall,shavings or care is being administered. Lately I find myself subconsciously not wanting to go and visit Frank for fear I will run into the owner. That sounds crass I know but I view my Frank time as a luxury and I don't want to share it with anyone most days. I just want to relax and spend what precious little time I have alone with him. I don't want to engage in chitty chat or have someone watch me school or ride him. So to make a long story short as I can, (you know me I am wordy) I am moving the boy to a new place tomorrow.

The new place does not have an indoor but has over 300 acres to ride on which excites me greatly! I will post some pictures later and update you on his new digs soon.

Happy trails......

Monday, August 15, 2011

Have you ever?

Have you ever had so much to say but just did not know where to begin? Lately my mind is full of thoughts I want to share but I am always thinking of them at precisely the wrong time to write them down. I think it is the universe's way of telling me I am too busy. And busy I am! It has been a tough couple of month's but I know the end result will be worth the struggle I have gone through. Confused? Me too!

I started two new business's a few months ago. The pet sitting business and my antique booth business. I am the type of person who goes "All IN" when I do something so it sort of consumes me. I am happy to say that both business's are doing well and I was able to cut my hours at my "real" job. I will now be able to be home when my kiddo's step off the bus which makes me feel great about my number 1 job, MOM!

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I have been doing some redecorating in my personal life as well. I have decided to rethink some of my personal relationships as of late. I am a giver and it seems some of my relationships are very one sided in that all I do is give and get taken advantage of. I am in a sense cleaning house within myself.

Big changes in the Frank world as well. Frank will soon be moving to a new location.
Now hold on, before you all think I am re-homing Frank it is simply not true. We are just going to move to another facility, and that is another blog entry in itself. So until then,

Happy trails......

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The End of Summer....kinda

This weekend we celebrated the end of summer at our house. True it is not officially the end of summer but for my kids who started school today this past weekend was it for them. To celebrate we took a much needed "stay cation" to my best friend Susan's house. Well actually we went to her Mom and Dad's house, who were away on vacation. The house is one of the oldest in the small town they live in and sits on roughly 600 acres of planted fields. The family used to raise hogs but has moved onto strictly crops of corn and soybeans now.

Being from a nomadic family myself i always wished I had a home to go back to on rainy days. I feel blessed that Susan considers me family and invited me and my family to come and stay at the farm with her.

Picture of the front of the house

So on Friday evening after the open house at school we packed up the two kids, two Jack Russell's and various suitcases and took off on the 2 hour drive to the farm.
It had been many a year since I had been there and never in the dark so I was a little apprehensive. I need not have worried it all came back to me and we arrived safely at 9:30pm. The kids were mighty excited to see their good friend Eliza and my dogs were happy to join the dog party of 5 already there. We spent the weekend exploring the farm, swimming in the pool and riding Susan's horses. I dare say it was the best stay cation I ever had!

I leave you with this parting shot of the kids at the pool. Although blurry I love it. It reminds of all those lost summers as a child.

Happy Trails.....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Blogger Friends

Hi fellow bloggers

First I must say to those of you still following my blog, thanks. I know I have been missing and I promised to be a better blogger, but I just can't seem to find a spare moment most days. Rest assured me and the Frank are still alive and kicking. Frank and well er me too have packed on a few pounds and we aren't riding as much as I would like but I do occasionally saddle up for some much needed therapy.

I am still working full time, for now. I am building the pet sitting business steadily and I have started a booth in an antique mall as of a month ago. I still show secretary once a month as well. No wonder I am tired.... Pare this with being the most awesome, fabulous mom ever and well.... yeah my kids will argue that point.
They have however, learned all about estate sales, yard sales and craigslist this summer. They will grown up to be pickers like me!

I have managed a few trail rides close to home at the reservoir by my house and made a few new horsey friends to hit the trail with. Frank has been good as gold as usual and really doesn't mind being the pasture pet. Truthfully the heat has been keeping me off him more than anything. Last night I did brave it and saddled up for a spin around the farm. You know it is hot when your arms are dripping when you are riding in a tank top. I was happy to see that Frank has forgotten nothing when I took him into the arena and put him through the paces of the show pony. I rewarded him with the show pony deluxe bubble bath and spa treatment, he almost fell asleep being pampered.

I am gonna try to leg him up into shape and perhaps try a few competitive trail rides with ACTHA this year. I should know better than to vocalize it because sure as I do something else will pop up.

Hope you are enjoying your ponies and your summer!

Happy Trails......