Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Blogger Friends

Hi fellow bloggers

First I must say to those of you still following my blog, thanks. I know I have been missing and I promised to be a better blogger, but I just can't seem to find a spare moment most days. Rest assured me and the Frank are still alive and kicking. Frank and well er me too have packed on a few pounds and we aren't riding as much as I would like but I do occasionally saddle up for some much needed therapy.

I am still working full time, for now. I am building the pet sitting business steadily and I have started a booth in an antique mall as of a month ago. I still show secretary once a month as well. No wonder I am tired.... Pare this with being the most awesome, fabulous mom ever and well.... yeah my kids will argue that point.
They have however, learned all about estate sales, yard sales and craigslist this summer. They will grown up to be pickers like me!

I have managed a few trail rides close to home at the reservoir by my house and made a few new horsey friends to hit the trail with. Frank has been good as gold as usual and really doesn't mind being the pasture pet. Truthfully the heat has been keeping me off him more than anything. Last night I did brave it and saddled up for a spin around the farm. You know it is hot when your arms are dripping when you are riding in a tank top. I was happy to see that Frank has forgotten nothing when I took him into the arena and put him through the paces of the show pony. I rewarded him with the show pony deluxe bubble bath and spa treatment, he almost fell asleep being pampered.

I am gonna try to leg him up into shape and perhaps try a few competitive trail rides with ACTHA this year. I should know better than to vocalize it because sure as I do something else will pop up.

Hope you are enjoying your ponies and your summer!

Happy Trails......


Mrs Mom said...

Frank rules! ;)

Nice to see you back on here woman- hope that things pick up and STAY picked up so you can work for YOU and no one else.

Riding down here? Yeah... umm before dawn or at dusk. That sun broiling us is killer.

My hay man said we can replant some cukes, squash, maters, peas etc... but being a sage old farmer, he suggested we hold off a couple weeks yet. I cant imagine trying to be out in this heat getting the ground ready and seeds in.. ugh.

Smooch Frank from us!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you, and that you and your boy are well.

Corinna said...

sounds like you have had a wonderful summer!

I love craigslist finds, I'm impressed you're building a business (love an entrepreneurial spirit), AND you're showing on top of being a mom! way to go! if blogging takes a backseat, I understand!