Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who wants some lemonade???

Dear friend and fellow blogger Melanie at
The Knutson family has awarded me with an award. I really appreciate this lemonade award as I am in the middle of the dreaded winter and could use all the sunny thoughts I can get. There are rules and all that junk that I of course cannot remember except to thank and link who sent it to you and choose 10 others for the award. Being my usual self I will not follow the rules except to thank Melanie profusely again and I will pass along a few names of fellow bloggers I think you should visit in your spare time.

So my fellow bloggers go and check out:

All in a day's work Luanne is fairly new to blogging but is a fellow ranch horse friend and she does love her horses. She takes great photos and makes wonderful jewelry.

Gecko musings This gal lives in the outback and takes some beautiful shots of the country and her beloved cows. Wish I could go and see her beautiful country!

All horse stuff K you are an inspiration to me, you stay so positive and ride in all kinds of weather. I really enjoy your blog.

The sun is shining here today although it is still 20 degrees! Hope you all are having sunny days too!

Happy trails.......


Melanie said...

Hey there!!! Congrats on your award (wink, wink!!).

I am so glad that you were able to sneak out and ride. Horses are good for the soul...aren't they???

allhorsestuff said...

Carolyn, if you only knew how I have been aching lately...just down. You made my day just now, thank you for your kindness. It means so much more to me...Lemons are my freinds lately!

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hey thanks Carolyn for the blog plug....I'm tired of no comments even from friends and family....guess they have nothin to say!? Have fun with Frankie, you're sure to have warmer days than me!

Ride Mama!