Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where does the time go?

Wow, has it been a week since I posted last???

Sheez, you'd think I was busy or something. Actually I am always busy, just ask anyone who is in my vicinity. Oh wait, there is no one in my vicinity which is probably why I am so busy!

Let's see, what to catch you up on?

I did manage to see Frankie boy twice last week and ride him both times. I would like to tell you we get along like peas in a pod but it is too soon to tell. He is still in boot camp and not real happy most days about being told how to turn around and how to stop correctly. On Friday I stopped on the way to the show in Bowling Green, the weather was unusually nice actually around 53 degrees. Cory rode him first and he did make progress from Monday. He actually looked OK doing his run downs to the stop. He still won't commit every time to keeping his shoulders up through the stop but is making good progress. I got on and Cory showed me how to work him in the turnarounds and a few other things he has been working on. I snapped this picture of Cory riding him that day.

I took several others but the indoor is so dark and my flash does not quite get it light enough for good pictures. I am supposed to bring him home on Saturday but...
we are in the midst of a winter storm right now and not sure of much.

Today so far we have had 6" of snow and it has been freezing rain for the past three hours. We are supposed to get a foot more tonight! Yikes! Of course the kiddos are out of school and we did some early morning snow stuff before the freezing rain hit.

Above picture is of littlest one and faithful dog Betty this is the lane heading back to the horse barn.

This is the biggest one, who YES is a ham bone for pictures and he LOVES snow!

And here is little Betty who found a toy to place snow chase with.

Well, I am off to wade back to the horses and fill up the buckets and hay feeder in the stalls for the night. I will try to be back tomorrow with snow totals and more pictures for ya!

Happy trails.......


Jamie said...

Not sure if I would survive all that snow. But it sure looked fun. Here is Alabama today it is 69 degrees, however tomorrow will be 42. At least you are cold everyday there for at least a week or so....LOL
We never know what we are getting.

Thanks for all the support, lately.
Hugs to you

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes! Freezing Rain AND a foot of snow, after you've already gotten 6"??!! Egads, what a mess!

Love to read about and see you guys riding Frankie. I hope you're able to bring him home soon, too :)

Stay warm, dry and safe :)

WV: estimide

"I estimide that you'll only get another 6" of snow, and that's it (one can hope right? hehe)"

Mrs Mom said...

eeegads girlfriend--- makes me even happier that we are HERE. ;) (Yeah I know... I can hear the *swat* coming from you!)

Frankie is looking awesome! Cant wait to see him come springtime. Bet he will look wicked great!!

I got a kick out of the boys and Betty in the snow. Tooooo cute!!

Sending warm thoughts your way baby. Kisses to the kids and the ponies!

College Horse said...

Good thing you aren't in Bowling Green anymore! Today we have an inch of ice on all the power lines and trees. Two students at the university got hit by falling tree branches that snapped from the weight and only Bluegrass Cellular has cell phone service.

And they still haven't canceled class!

Pony Girl said...

It was great to see a picture of your new boy! ;) Glad to hear things are going well with him.
Crazy, a foot of snow tonight? I saw the storm on the news tonight. Stay warm and safe!

allhorsestuff said...

Yeeee...you are still totalling there with the snow-whoa!
I love your pictures...smailes on those faces are great!
The White Wonder looks great too!

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Good to see ya back! I was starting to wonder if you were in a drift somewhere! LOL! Frankie looks so much like Romeo, I know I keep saying that! LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog to give encouraging words on my painting! Yea, keep your fingers crossed! Maybe we'll be at that world show in a booth! I learn with each painting. The other one on my site was a few years ago and I learned three valuable lessons on it: one, doesn't necessarily have to look like I think it should to be appreciated by the receiver (I'm a perfectionist and wasn't happy with it but knew I was to give it to her anyway, that was hard), two, you're only as good as the photograph you take, which inspired me to be a better photographer since I had only one awful photo of her to paint from! And three, I should give myself enough artistic license to not always paint exactly what I see if it's not flattering to the subject. That horses' head was gigantic and she was a tiny little thing! LOL! Always learning! Love your lane back to the barn! Looks peaceful. Indy got 10", my daughter called this morning! For once, we didn't get hit! We only got 3".....but of course we had some already.