Friday, January 9, 2009

Food for thought

Since it is winter and I am stuck inside most days except for the occasional sunny over 30 day I find my mind wandering. Most of you know that I have an impending move coming up this summer to a new state. I keep going over the pros and cons of having my horses at my house and thought this good fodder for blogging.

I have lived both ways, indeed back in Fl I even ran a boarding stable (that is a blog in itself). I have boarded my horses and I have had them here in the backyard as I do now, well except for Frankie who is at the trainer's barn for now.

Actually that is what started this whole thought process. You see Frankie's time is up come the first of Feb and I really cannot scrape up the funds to continue his training until Spring as I had hoped. I am dreading the thought of bringing him home because of the weather and no where to ride him. Saying it out loud makes me feel like a spoiled little child. It is aggravating tho to have 10 acres and no safe spot to ride your horse. I have friends with indoor arenas, however that requires trailering over there to ride and hubby has the truck Mon-Fri. What is a girl to do?

While I love having my horses here with me at home here are some things I do not like about it:

WINTER! trudging through snow and ice to feed them and scoop up frozen poopsicles twice daily. It never fails the heater in the bucket stops working on the coldest night. The inability to leave town without securing help to care for them while I am away. The lack of good footing and a safe place to ride. No one to ride with on the days I actually can ride, this is mostly a safety thing I am OK spending time alone with my horse. Schlepping feed, shavings and hay in all kinds of weather.
Constantly mending fence/boards etc.

That being said, here is what I like about having them here:

Watching them out my window anytime of day. Hearing them nicker or in Jane's case He haw at me when I approach the barn or gate. The smell of them! Having my stress reliever at hand whenever I need it. The ease of just loading them up and going when I am taking a horsey trip. Seeing them everyday.

Tough choice to make and it is playing a big part in my decision on where we move to in Kentucky. I would love to find a place to rent with an arena and barn on it but realistically that probably won't happen. I am leaning toward boarding at this point. Which means paring down to one horse because of the expense. Lots to think on this cold winter day.

I am off to Lexington to look at a house and to spend the weekend with BF Susan. She is now a single Super Mom and trying to do it all. She could use some help on her farm and I am glad to go lend a hand. Until then.

Happy trails......


gtyyup said...

Good pros & cons's just never a perfect situation whichever way it's looked at.

Another option might be to find a place close by with that "oh so important indoor arena" to board just your main riding horse through the bad months. Then bring it home during the good months.

Good food for thought~~

Melanie said...

I think that most of us horsey people who read your blog can understand your conflict. It's too bad you don't have an arena at your place...even if it was just an uncovered one.

Hang in there, and when are you moving to KY??? I somehow missed (or forgot!) about that.

allhorsestuff said...

That is a big pending move ahead! I sure hope you can find a place with a barn and pasture at least...Or are better at picking stables to board in as I am in a pill again with these - - - - - owners and how I am being treated.
Just got me depressed...moved too too many times ..wish we could afford a farm!