Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just knew it

Today after two days in the barn I relented and let Tank and Jane go outside to the field. I did not have a good feeling about it but knew Tank was on the verge of going stir crazy in there. You see I just don't want anyone hurt out there. The ice makes me nervous and with the roads still a mess getting a vet here would be near impossible.

But I did turn them out for the sake of Tank's mental health.
He always loves being outdoors except at night to sleep in his comfy shavings bed. So with much effort on my part. Think put on coveralls lug myself down the lane through 15 inches of snow and ice and arrive at barn only to lead them out into fresh snow to the pasture which is now a white oblivion. First Jane, she hates the falling through the ice part. You see we had 6 inches of snow then a layer of ice then more snow. It is loud and hard to walk in. Tank did his best prancing pony routine all the way to the gate, he was not bothered by the crunching or sliding. Then the gate was frozen into the ground, ugh! After much grunting and yelling I HATE THIS PLACE! I was able to get it closed. I filled the hay feeder and proceeded to clean the wreck of a barn. That crazy Tank was running and rolling and pestering poor Jane who was more than content to just stand at the hay feeder and get fatter.

Later today when I went to fetch them my worst fears were realized. Fresh blood in the snow! Not alot of blood but definitely blood. I just knew it. Why, oh why do I not follow my gut?? I determined it was coming from Tank and quickly brought him in and started scouring his legs and feet. After picking snow balls out of his front feet and finding nothing I moved to the rear. Bingo, he has a small cut on the bulb of his left hind. Doesn't look to serious and I was able to trim away the flap and clean it up good. Whew, luckily nothing serious. But.........
What to do tomorrow? Turn out again or not?

One good thing about the storm and all this mess is that Frankie has to stay at Cory's for awhile longer. I spoke with Mike tonight and they got hit with a lot more ice than us and it is really a mess. I cannot even get to my trailer to hook it up so there he will stay and continue to get ridden. Now just have to find a way to finance it!

Happy trails....


gtyyup said...

I know you don't want to hear this...but we could use a lot of what your getting!!

So glad to hear that it's wasn't anything serious for Tank. I'm good with snow, it's the ice that I hate. We lost our old mare last from falling on the ice.

Long story short, she was 26 and already had very bad hips (hadn't laid down for over 5 years) and after falling, we couldn't get her up. Got her in a sling with the front loader on our neighbor's big tractor, but she wouldn't stand on her own...we knew it was her time...

Stay warm and think lots of spring thoughts.

PS...I'd turn him out. It sounds like he really needs the mental therapy of being outside.

Pony Girl said...

Wow Gtyyup, that is such a sad story about your old mare! ;(

I'm glad Tank's injury was minor. Do you think the ice itself cut the skin? I am thinking since he got out yesterday, I would wait another day and see how things change and make sure the cut is on the mend. No idea if the weather over there is heading towards a warming trend, perhaps?

Also, stupid question, but would wrapping the legs before turning them out help protect them at all, or would the wet snow and such just create a bigger mess with the wraps?

Hang in there, spring is out there somewhere!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no! Must have been caused by stepping through some of that sharp ice. Poor Tank!
I'm glad he's going to be ok. Good for you finding that blood and checking him so thoroughly :)


allhorsestuff said...

I know I know...I hate that and love that inkling feeling. It rarely is wrong! Guesyou could vet wrap it for cushoning a bit..maybe all of them..take them off at night in the stall.

Sorry that it is so blasted ick there! Don't come to my blog!Ot..maybe you should?

Melanie said...

Sheesh!!! You have been having some nasty weather over there, haven't you????

I am glad that Tank's injuries ended up being minor, and I hope that tomorrow is better. :)

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Wow you guys got hit harder than us up north, well.... where we are anyway. Further north has a lot more than we do. I don't like the ice either. We have to walk out all six horses to our pastures twice a day which is great for handling them but it gets old and when there is ice they have to stay in. It has to be really slick before we leave them in or they become little woodchucks and chew their stalls all day! No air sucking just chew. We feed more when they're in so they won't chew and that helps for so long then they're ready to get out of dodge! I feel your pain girl! If we can get them to the inside round pen, one by one we work them at least so they can get out, stretch, clean their stall and back in they go. It can be an all day process but it helps. Good thing I don't have a day job! LOL! Hang in there, soon you'll be up on Frankie having a good ole time!

Anonymous said...

What a dilemma. The poor ponies need to get out. I hope that your snow and ice disappear soon so that you dont need to worry so.

Anonymous said...

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Callie said...

It never fails does it! Glad it's not too serious an injury!