Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yep, today's thought is progress. Progress in all kinds of directions.

First let me tell ya I finally made progress on the website, it is up!
go to Beyond the barn door to see it.
Not exactly perfect but a good start and yes I am making progress getting more of my stuff on there each day.

The weather has been above freezing the past two days so some melting of the glacier is happening out there. Progress.... not sure if it is a blessing or curse as it refreezes each night and then we have a giant sheet of ice to deal with in the morning. The horses have stomped down the area around the gate and trusty hay feeder so much that it is OK to put them out now. They do not venture to far from that area except to poo and roll. I did a very graceful slip and fall last evening on the stinking ice again...... bruised up my elbow but good but I am functioning.

No progress on the house hunt. Spent the weekend in Lexington searching for houses and helping my BFF Susan get her manure spreader unstuck from the snow and ice.
We will continue our hunt some more.

But now what you really want to hear. Frankie progress.....
Because it is such a mess here I was unable to get the trailer unstuck and fetch Frankie on Saturday. I went down yesterday morning and rode him. I finally got to put my saddle on him and it fits great. Cory did not ride him first this time. We went over how I was to start his exercises each ride and what it is I am looking for.
We started with the turn arounds and I am amazed at how flexible and how much softness this horse has. He is just starting to get some speed to the turn around and while he probably won't be as blazing fast as Harley it is pretty and correct with no hop to it. We then went on to stops.... my fave as you all know NOT!
Well, actually they may become my fave after all. What a difference a horse makes.
Harley was very heavy in the front and drug himself which equated to alot of front end stops, which made me very uneasy after much horn humping. Frankie he is a driver from the rear and when this boy stops it is cool! We spent time loping and stopping correctly with shoulders up and nose in. It only took me a few times to get my ever growing reins and self under control. It is a whole new ballgame when the horse carries you into the stop, what a rush! I think we did a 10-12 foot slide yesterday! Cory had a good laugh at me and said that actually I had good feel and was getting along good with him for really only riding him for the second time since his training. PROGRESS! YIPPEE!
I left feeling really good about it and it took my mind off the rest of the junk in life for a bit. Heading back down today for another lesson if I can manage it.

Happy trails....


Train Wreck said...

Oh I love your Beyond the Barn! Those cuffs are great! I didn't know you did that kinda thing too! Good job your page looks awesome.

Train Wreck said...

Oh I love your Beyond the Barn! Those cuffs are great! I didn't know you did that kinda thing too! Good job your page looks awesome.

Train Wreck said...

?Sorry The firt cdomment didn't show up? I thought I typed those darn letters wrong!

allhorsestuff said...

Great news!! You sound wonderful and so does Frankie! Can't wait to hear of tomorrow. And wow- the site is nice! may have to get me one of those cuffs!

Gecko said...

Great to hear Frankie is going well for you!

gtyyup said...

I've yet to feel that stop Frankie does...how exciting!!! Keep off that ice!