Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mental meltdown

Yes, I think I am in a mental meltdown ....well if I could think. Things are just crazy around here now. I spent the past week answering emails about Tank and talking on the phone with perspective new owners and this weekend did farm visits.
I have two very good options for him. Now I must try and come up with the best choice.

On one hand it is a family that owns the local feed store with three teenage girls wanting to get involved with horses. The girls do not have a lot of experience, but the dad does. They also raise and show cattle in 4 H. I know they would provide him a good home and he would get daily attention and ridden .

On the other hand is a dear lady who rescues horses, minis and whatever else comes her way. She drove over an hour to come see him and rode him and got along fine. I visited her place yesterday and she has lots of pasture and a nice barn for cruddy days. She probably would ride him occasionally and there are several other older horses to keep him company.

Ugh! this is hard to make the right decision. Especially since my heart is breaking to give him up at all!

I am going to sleep on it tonight and hope that God leads me in the right direction.

Happy trails....


allhorsestuff said...

Hello sweet friend!
Well, what a difficult choice!
The only thing I thought of is how hard 3 girls could be on him verses the nice older gal that rode him and how she could give him semi retirement. I can't rememeber his age right now, but boy....
I will help you pray about it along with all my griefs I am dealing with . I have been very close to God's ears.
10 days to find a new local to board in for me, in the middle of winter...despicable Fat Cat people I am dealing with!

Pony Girl said...

Aw, tough choices! I think they both sound good, but I agree with allhorsestuff that the teens might be tougher on him, just lack of experience and also teens in general, tend to ride more often, but a little harder. I know, I did it! ;)
I'm sure either choice will be great for him. Will you have the option to get him back first if one of those new owners want to pass him on? Like a "buy-back" clause?

Melanie said...

Hmmm....why does it always have to por when it rains??? Hopefully your answer will come to you in your dreams.

Melanie said...

Ughhh...I meant to say "pour" not "por!!"

Anonymous said...

I'd pick based on what would make him happiest. The teenage girls might be done with him in several years, and then where would he go next? You'll know what is best.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure you'll make the right decision for your horse. I have to agree with everyone else though, teenagers could be hard on him, especially when they don't have much experience and if I know teenagers(and I do) they lose interest quickly. The older gal may be just what he needs. She seems like a sweetheart.