Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frankie goes to Hope

Yep, Frankie came home yesterday. I meant to blog about it but was bushed from the weekend festivities. Saturday evening I had enough margaritas for all of us. Can you say hang over???

Anyway, went down to Cory's in the morning and rode. I was very distracted with everything going on in my life and was riding in the "fetal position" according to Cory. I just could not get in sync and it was not pretty. Oh well......

With much in trepidation I took Frankie out to his blue coach. Yes, the blue trailer.
He has only been trailered twice in his life so I was apprehensive on what might happen. Not to worry the little gent took a good look and a smell then quietly stepped on up in his new limo. I must say he trailered well and seemed quite happy back there. Getting out was another story! When we arrived home I opened the gate and climbed in to untie him I gave him the back up cue and he froze. He was scared, really scared! He took a few steps back and started shivering from fear. I eased him back another step and he stepped one foot down and panicked, jumped back in on top of me. I let him settle and tried again, when he got both rear feet down I tried applying more pressure to keep him backing. He really freaked lunged forward, fell all the way down on all fours leapt up and banged his head on the roof. Neither of us was hurt but it shook him up but good. After he stopped shaking and was somewhat relaxed I turned him around in the trailer and led him out without to much trouble. Guess I know what our first project is going to be. I have a small hill by the horse barn and I am going to back the trailer up there and make the step down not so high and we will practice one step in then one step out until we are comfortable backing.

He handled the rest of the day better and is fast in love with Jane the donkey!
I left him in last night and today I put them all out together. He has claimed Jane as his own and Tank is not to happy about it. Jane either, she just wants the boys to leave her alone. Things seem well and everyone is adjusting to the change. Here is another shot of the boy.

And one of the donk~


Callie said...

I love the donk! Frankie is a nice lookin young man!

Melanie said...

Looks like he is settling in nicely!! And in regards to the trailer...poor you and poor Frankie!!!

He seems like he has a great head on him though, and I am sure that you will have him loading and unloading in no time!! :)

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Congratulations on getting your man Frankie home and getting your testing all done! Good Luck on the job!