Saturday, February 7, 2009

That wonderful soreness

Yes, I am sore. It is wonderful! It is from riding!! I have ridden Frankie four times this week! Considering I have only ridden him a total of 8 times this is something to talk about.

NO, he is not coming home this weekend. Truck is in the shop. Yes, the brand spanking new truck we just bought in Oct to replace the 05 that was plagued with problems. This one has a hole in the radiator with less than 30,000 miles. Needless to say this is the last Ford. By the way it is our ninth one.

I could care less about him not coming home anyway. It means more training and more riding for me! You see the glacier has melted finally here and now it is a mosh pit.
I would have nowhere to ride IF I brought him home. Besides I leave Wed for Lexington to attend the Ranch horse convention and take my judge's test. YIKES!

Back to Frankie news, I rode yesterday and he actually rides better with a day off in between. That is good fits right in with the plan around here. We had some beautiful stops and I am getting the feel of him. I only got jammed into the swells once. OUCH! He sort of anticipates the stop and front end stops when running the whole arena, this causes me to hit the swells. Today I went down there despite it being Saturday, it is usually a zoo of people on weekends so I don't go. But....
I feel the need to keep up our progress so I went. There were around 6-8 people riding at all times in the arena which I think is good for Frankie to get used to.
He had no issues today. At one point I did a run down the middle of the arena and had a beautiful stop of about 10 feet, you could here the hush then Cory excitedly yelling YES! pet that horse and walk to the wall. We walk to the wall after a good stop to let them sit there facing it so it becomes a happy place, that way when it is time to "fence" they do not fear the wall. I loped some circles and tried a flying lead change or two, we haven't quite got that yet. I must take tomorrow off my body is so sore everywhere, but it is a good kind of sore! I will be back in the saddle on Monday you can bet on it!

Happy trails.....


allhorsestuff said...

Sometimes I am out on the trail and my horse stops to listen to our trainer as she yes , "YESSS!" excitiedly! I am glad you heard it and I am really glad you are sore too!

Gecko said...

Great to hear! Haha, funny how only horsey people could truely enjoy feeling sore!

Melanie said...

I am so glad that Frankie is turning out to be such a good boy for you! And I soreness is a good thing. :)

Christa Lynn said...

Love your site and music. I just posted a new post and would love to have your thoughts. I am new at blogging and any feed back is great. Christa Lynn