Friday, February 13, 2009

Lexington update

Hi all,

Just a quick update from the road. I am at the national convention for the ARHA this week and testing for my judge's card. On the way down I got a call back for the job at USEF at the horse park! I had an interview on Wednesday and I feel like it went really well. The job would be issuing licenses for all FEI riders which basically if I understand it correctly are people who compete internationally. I would also be working on pedigrees for the top 25 leading sires for the Performance Horse registry. Can't tell you how exciting this is!!

On ARHA news, yesterday was the judge's seminar and we went over videos and scored reining, cutting and working ranch horse classes then had discussions on them. What fun! This morning I have the rule book test at 9 then video testing at 11 then my individual interview with the judges committee. After all of that I must sit in on the show secretary school for 2 hours. Think I will need a margarita after that???

Or two??


Wish me luck!


Dusty Devoe said...

You go Cowgirl! Good luck!

allhorsestuff said...

That is amazing..hope you go for it and GET IT!
ENVY CITY!We are goning to learn so much through your adventures..hope they aren't top secret.
I vote 3 and more time to enjoy them!

Rising Rainbow said...

I sure do wish you luck. That sounds like a really crammed day....crammed with lots of stress. Are you sure two margueritas will be enough! Good luck.

The USEF job sounds good too. How exiciting.

Gecko said...

GOOD LUCK! Wow, you are already very lucky! Woohoo, what a job!!! =D

Anonymous said...

I would have a margarita (or 2) with you, after all of that, or during all of that. In fact, on Saturday afternoon, i did have a margarita with friends. So, that is kind of like having one with you - mine was strawberry.