Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winds of change

Well, life here is ever changing why last week we were having sub zero temps and the past week we have been near 60. The glacier has all melted and we are left with the mosh of mud everywhere. I would still rather have mud than ice any day.

I am really close on being employed again....Yea! It does however, mean that I have to step up my moving time. I had planned on July but now it may be imminent. I am grateful, I know I don't have to tell you all how the economy is and it's affect on all of us.

I am heading out tomorrow for Lexington. I will be looking at apartments, houses and horse barns. I haven't decided if I will board Frankie down there or leave him at Cory's place, it is the same time distance as it is from here. Thursday I am doing the ranch horse judge seminar and Friday is my written test and interview. Saturday is show secretary school and awards banquet. Looking forward to it but a little nervous about the test.

I did get down to see Frankie yesterday but Cory did most of the riding. He is taking some of the bend out of his turn arounds. It was fun to watch how much progress he has made and to see his stops now that he is doing them correctly.
I did get up an lope circles and work on rating him from fast to slow and vice versa.
He is such a sweet boy I am going to miss him this week. I think I will stop tomorrow on my way out of town to see him one more time.

Because of all this change I am not sure if Jane donkey will stay with me or not at this point. She has a home to go back to but..... we sure do love her. Guess it will depend on where we land house wise. I do have my other horse up for adoption to the right home. I will do a post on him tomorrow if I have time. I am sure most of you remember he was going to a fellow blogger but that did not work out and we are searching for the right place for him. Anyone need a handy gelding with a lot of life left in him???

Happy trails....


Mrs Mom said...

Fingers crossed for you girl, and Croos YOUR hooves- I am going to check out a place tomorrow that *might* just be a great spot for the old boy. Will let you know ASAP when we get home how it looks and if they get my stamp of approval.

Kisses to those babies, and the ponies tooooo! And extra special ones for JANE!

Anonymous said...

Some good news. Your rides sound fun. Isnt it nice not to have to deal with snow and ice? That stuff just complicates everything.

Netherfieldmom said...

Hey--I am in central IN and might have room for another good horse--check out my blog and tell me his story--wish I could go to Lexington! Good luck!