Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back at it again

Well, it is back. Winter again. After a nice reprieve from the cold, wet snow and ice we plunged to 24 degrees today for a high with 30mph winds. Ugh! To make matters worse out of the 20 some odd blankets and sheets I have none fit Mr Frankie no hair. I do have a quilted winter blanket that is big on him but works in the stall. To nice to turn him out in and I worry with it being large on him that it will get caught on something. So poor ole Frank had to brave the elements today in his skibbys. Guess I am heading over to EBay to check out some deals.

The weather pattern is supposed to hold through the weekend so no riding will be going on around here. Just as well, I am preoccupied with Ranch horse details and other things.

Got some good leads on getting Tank adopted but haven't found just the right place yet. I am doing a farm visit on Saturday for a potential new owner. Jane is tolerating Frankie herding her around the field all day. Makes me think the boy may be good in cattle one day!

No word on the job or judge's card just yet but expect both to have news any day now.

That's it from the frozen tundra for now.

Happy trails....


allhorsestuff said...

Hi sweet,
glad thatb you have hinm home...yea get a blanket for that man!
We have had warm and I am now in "The last time for this" mode...sad.

Pony Girl said...

Yea, winter is not giving in yet in some places, eh?
Can't wait to hear about the judges card!
Saw in your earlier that you had some unloading issues with Frankie. I imagine it is scary for horses to step down into nothing. It's unfortunate he panicked and fell, hopefully the guy won't be too worried about entering the trailer next time! Does he have to back out of the trailer? Someone once told me that you should always back them out, even if you don't have to (i.e. my horse is usually the first one in the 3-horse, meaning he's the last one out and I can turn him around and lead him out forward.) They said that backing him out will prevent the horse from turning into me or on top of me, should he pull trying to get out in a hurry. This makes sense, I had never thought of it that way. But I hate backing horses out, it makes me nervous, LOL! I think this spring when we start hauling to the trails again, I'm going to make my horse back out. Just to keep his skills in doing it fresh!