Thursday, April 10, 2008

questions abound

Wow, last post sure got you guys asking some questions. I will try and answer them up here. First of all I must explain that it was a derby style party, like one you would host for the Kentucky derby day. Hence the hats! That picture kinda makes me look like I am a little hammered but really that is tea I am drinking! grin....

Mrs Mom , Derby Pie is a trademarked secret recipe from Kerns Kitchens. It is basically a custard type pie with chopped pecans and chocolate chips and of course sugar and bourbon! Delicious!!

Pony Girl, I know you have heard of the Ky derby not matter where you come from. The party was themed around it.

Mikael, get into the spirit girl. Make yourself a hat or buy one and pick a pony to bet a little something on just for fun! Remember life's to short.

Fun Mom, (she is my sis) Yes I am back on my lifestyle plan and I am still skinnier than you!!! ha

Now onto the stuff you really want to know. Yes I did the lesson today with my nose running like crazy from the trauma inflicted by the scope yesterday. I felt like a kid wiping it on my sweatshirt sleeve after I lost my tissue on one of the run downs. Yes.....Brent had me do rundowns and attempt to slide. Yes I still am having issues with the stops but I did better today and did not launch over his head or ride the horn at all today.
I worked a lot on rating speed today, Harley has a tendency to get fast and stay there and tune me out. Today I found out how to get him to come back to me. Humming. Yes , humming. It puts his focus back on me and boy did it work. I am amazed at all the subtle things that I learn with these lessons. You see, I am an over analyzer. I over think everything to the umpth degree with Harley. This is mostly my problem with the stops.
I am thinking where my legs are supposed to be , how my hands are, if my butt is down etc. etc. that I just can't get out of my own way. I imagine Harley is just as frustrated as me. I really am trying to just be..... and relax and ride but there is so much to learn. I do feel each day gets a little better and that I am making progress so I guess it is all gonna come together. Here is the quote from Mike "there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a train." Just what I needed to hear.
Happy trails.....


Rising Rainbow said...

I was actually asked to write a blog about the derby and they were going to even pay me to do it. I think maybe that's what put me off. I've never done much research about the derby, I just go with my heart and pick a horse. Somehow writing to promote it seemed to deflate my derby balloon.

As for runny noses wiped on sleeves, that's how I ride every day! I haven't had any scope up my nose but am allergic to about everything in the barn including the horses. There's no hope my nose will ever quit running in the barn, so if a sleeve works, that's a good thing. lol

Pony Girl said...

Oh, no wonder it looked like you were at the Kentucky Derby! I get it now. :)
I totally relate to the overanalyzing...when I first started riding my gelding the trainer was always telling me to LEAN BACK, ride on your jean was awful, I'd always lean forward every time I'd ask him to take off at the lope and then he'd stop when my tush fell back and hit the saddle because that was how he was trained. There is just so much going on! When I was a teen and rode I never thought about any of these details! Now I overthink it all. I guess the more we practice the more it'll become natural....and remember to breathe! I heard that helps a lot. I don't think I breathe the whole time I'm loping! Hee!

Mrs Mom said...

Hey they asked me to write too MiKael, and I also turned them down. Something just made me feel uncomfortable. While it was flattering, I cant do something that does nto feel "right".

TRC-- yeah.. you DO look kinda... ummm... "happy" in that pic! What did ya lace your tea with? Or were you just hitting that Derby Pie a bit hard? hehehehe

Keep "riding in your mind" at night there as you fall asleep- picture the Perfect Ride over and over again, and I guarantee you will get there faster! ;)

I had to giggle at the nose thing.... the pine pollen here was so bad at one point, I was trimming and my nose was dribbling all over... UGH! No way I want my hoof-smelling HANDS near my face! LOL And I wear short sleeves all the time.... Cant drop a knife or rasp every 2 seconds to wipe ny nose either... kinda sucked for a while there. All better for now though! Least until folks start cutting their lawns that is....

Kathy C said...

Sounds like you are progressing really nice. I love that quote by the way!