Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend roundup

It was a busy weekend around here and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Saturday I headed up to the Hoosier Horse fair to help out in the Indiana Ranch horse booth. The place was packed! What recession?? People were gobbling up horse junk like it was free. I refrained from purchases only because I need very little right now and because I gave my friend Candy some much needed time away from the booth. That girl is my hero, she set up and manned the thing almost the entire time by herself. Kudos to you girl, you rock and I am glad to call you my friend. I met some lovely people and explained the philosophy behind the American Ranch Horse Association and some of what we do as a club. One lady came up and said to me is this the club where you guys show but don't have to get all dressed up like a showgirl! Ha, that one really got me. Part of the beauty of our club is yes, you can show in standard western wear. Just a pair of jeans,boots, belt and long sleeve shirt and hat will do. We also use working tack and silver is discouraged.

We realize there is a place for everyone and some people enjoy getting dressed up and spending loads of money on tack and such (OK my thought there) but we are not out to slam or steal anyone away from other organizations. We quite frankly are promoting fun!

After the booth closed I treated myself to watching the ranch rodeo they had going there. There were some great teams competing in four events for a cumulative score. They also were competing for best ranch horse and best cowboy. I simply loved the wild cow milking part, although I must say those boys took a beating. I met a man from Texas with a great stallion out of Playgun that made me wish I had a good mare to breed.

Did I just say that??? No folks I am done with that part of life. Maybe I'll check and see if he has any foals for sale!! Hee hee.

Sunday we went back to the fair with the whole family and my boys loved watching the mounted cowboy shooting. My oldest Carson who will be five in May professed he now wants to be a cowboy and shoot. Something must have clicked because when we got home he asked to ride Tank. He has shown zero interest in horse despite my repeated attempts and even

buying a pony last year.

However, he helped me groom and saddle Tank and then actually rode him! Here he is with a grin the size of Indiana!

Now before anyone goes and blasts me for lack of safety equipment please.....I really did not think he would get up on him at all. Today after naps we are going to buy the safety helmet and a new pair of boots for my new little cowboy! First question out of his mouth this morning was "Can I ride Tank again today?" Oh, makes me teary eyed I swear!


Mrs Mom said...


Oh gosh, isnt that The Most Awesome feeling???? I love it when I have the chance to get Little Mare out here and pop the kids up on her. The Wrecking Crew and Cub BOTH love to ride, help feed, and just be near the horses. I pray every single day, several times a day that they continue to grow that love, and will carry it all their lives.

They may not stand much of a chance they have both been going on barn calls with us since they were a month old... ;)

Mrs Mom said...

Oh- duh- meant to say too, hope like crazy that the Tank rides KEEP UP!!!!!!

Kathy C said...

Oh My Gosh! I had just about had my trailer connected up, and you found a rider for Tank after all!!

There is, bar none, nothing better than spending time with your kids when horses are involved.

There is a Foundation Quarter Horse Association series around here that sounds a LOT like your ranch group. Lots of fun!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, another cowboy is born! That's pretty cool. He and Tank are a cute pair.

Victoria Cummings said...

TRC - What a perfect post to tell you that you've won an award - Please come to my blog to pick it up!