Sunday, April 13, 2008

The old familiar itch

Oh spring is here and the warm weather has me outside and loving all the time I spend with the horses. Ok not today, rain and 40 but we will rebound quickly. This blessed weather has me wanting to scratch an old familiar itch. I am considering getting a yearling. No I have not lost my cheese off my cracker. I just love working with the young ones and I miss showing at hand and want to try the in hand trail class. I have a couple I am looking at one in WI and one in TN. They are reining bred of course so I can follow in Harley's footprints. Will keep you posted on this latest crazy idea.

I had another lesson yesterday and it went quite well.
I can actually rate my horse now and feel comfortable loping and galloping. My spins are coming along nicely and I finally understand what Corey means by when everything is right your body finds the correct position. I even did some fencing yesterday! It is a little intimidating for me but helped immensly with my stops. For those of you not familiar with the term, it is when you run down the arena and use the wall to stop the horse. The object is to A) run straight lines and B) Not pick up your hand to stop the horse. By using your feet , legs and seat only it is the hope that when doing the actual pattern you will hardly have to raise your hand for the stop, thus gaining a higher score. I still have a long way to go and officially signed us up for 30 more days of training.
I am going to buy the Billy Cook cutting saddle, I have been riding it and love it! The best part is it fits Harley like a glove. I hate to part with my Crates but it is necessary. If anyone needs a nice reining saddle I am selling my Crates for $600, it is a 16" seat and in good condition I will list it on ebay within the next few days.
Happy trails....


Pony Girl said...

How great for you to be thinking of getting a yearling! It is my dream to do that someday but I am in no way confident enough yet to take on that task. My old 14 yr. gelding still challenges me in ways that shows me that! lol!
I use to watch the reiner trainer "fence" horses at My Boy's old barn but I never really knew why he did that, now I do. Thanks!

Rising Rainbow said...

The very thought of fencing makes me quake. You're braver than me, but then I have problems with my depth perception, fencing could be dangerous for me and my horse.