Thursday, April 10, 2008

new from the front lines

Hi all, as you can tell from my smiling face here, the news was good yesterday!

Turns out I am going to survive the throat crisis. It is an infection of the sub mandular gland, which is a fancy name for a saliva gland. It may have a stone as well which could mean surgery at a later date, but for now just more antibiotics and time. Whew!
The scope wasn't to horrible and I was able to enjoy my derby party after all. Here are some pictures of last nights fun.

Here are some of the lovely hats the girls created!

This is Sandy our very good bartender of the evening. She made mint juleps and a mint tea (non alcoholic) that was delicious.

This is the fare we got to eat after watching the chef cook it up. It is hot brown's , bur boo and mini corn cakes with a side of root vegetables and of course derby pie!

Happy to tell you I blew my new eating lifestyle plan last night and am a little uncomfortable this morning but it was worth it! I am off for another lesson today and hopefully some more progress. Thanks for all your prayers and support in my health issue , I guess they worked well.
Happy trails....


Mrs Mom said...

WHOOHOOOO!! Excellent news there TRC! SO glad to hear it!

Looks like oyu all had a blast last night..hehehe... What is Derby Pie, though? (I am almost afraid to knowing those mint juelips are pretty darn powerful! hehehe)

Funmom said...

You look great in the picture (less the funky hat). Get back on the eating lifestyle today! :0)

Rising Rainbow said...

I am so not into the derby this year. Don't know why. I am usually all over it. I need to get thinking derby, derby, it's approaching quickly.

Pony Girl said...

Okay, hope you don't mind me for asking, what exactly is a derby? Looks fun!
I am so glad to hear the news about your throat....I have worried myself sick numerous times over health issues, using self-diagnosis, of course!
Now you can relax. Can't wait to hear about your latest lesson!

Kathy C said...

Great news on the throat issue. Especially because you could then relax and enjoy your time with friends. Great hats and themed party!