Friday, April 4, 2008

Old habits ......

You know the old saying, you can't teach an old dog new tricks??? Well I say bully to that. I was so looking forward to my lesson today following that wonderful ride on Wednesday. But alas, I am back to my old tricks.
I had a little stumble today...... My hands!!!! Oh if I could just relax! I ended up have a two hour lesson and it ended well and wasn't a train wreck. I need to be more patient with myself and realize change takes time and Rome wasn't built in a day and blah, blah , blah. But I so want this to work and be right, and I am impatient if nothing else. So I have to keep my chin up, literally..Corey must have yelled that at me a hundred times today! I won't have another lesson until Tuesday which seems like forever but of course I will be looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I am working the booth at the Hoosier Horse Fair in Indianapolis for my ranch horse club. I am after all the VP and it wouldn't do if I didn't pitch in. I love it anyway, I plan to convert the entire nation to showing ranch horse shows! Seriously, I enjoy the company of so many horse freaks like me and it is a good excuse to go shopping ! I did not get pictures today since the slave drivers at the barn made me do all the riding so I will have to try again another day. Hoping to rope a friend into coming along to video me riding some day soon. Although the thought of watching it back makes me ill right now. I'm sure one day it would be fun to look back and see my progress and it may even help me right now. Well I hope you all have a glorious weekend, the weather is supposed to finally be spring like here this weekend.
Happy Trails.....


Rising Rainbow said...

It will take some time to get over that thing with your hands. Be patient with yourself. That is normal.

Have fun at the horse fair. I have another blogging friend who is going.

Tuffy Horse said...

I am trying to get all unauthorized forum posts with my essay off the web. I have tried to find an email address to contact you, but one is not listed. Please remove the copy of the essay or I will report it to Blogspot as copyright infringement.

Thank you,

Tracy Meisenbach

Mrs Mom said...

Tracey- that thing is ALL FLIPPING OVER the place- good luck in finding all of them. I have gotten about 6 of them from email forwards. I am sure that TRC- who is a damn fine person, meant you NO harm whatsoever by reporducing your work. In fact, I believe she listed it as anonymous for the author, and stated it was sent to her in an email as well.

I would suggest next time, sign your works, and keep them to be published. What was a good poem has begun to sour with threats of copyright infringement, when all you had to do was post a request to be known as the author.

TRC- cant wait to hear about the Horse Fair! And lightne up- I bet when you loose it with your hands you are clenching your jaw/ teeth... try opening your mouth and moving your jaw- maybe chew gum a bit? ;)

Thanks too- for the kind workds on HorseFeathers about Kelly. You are right- and Dear Husband and I are going to keep on working on raising awareness and doing what we can to help where we can. ;) I feel ya sista! hehehe