Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another round of lessons

Today held another two hour lesson at Hell's Arena. That is my new pet name for the trainer's barn. I got to ride outdoors today, thank you God for one more beautiful day of 70's! Not sure if it is actually a fact but Harley and I seemed much more relaxed outside. I know I was happy to be there. I had my lesson with Brent the fellow who is doing the majority of riding of Harley. He was patient with me and repeated and explained things as many times as it took to get through my thick skull. My hands were much better, now it seems I need super stick um for my butt! We worked on stops, over and over and over. Did I say over? I dislike the stop, no particular reason just not really comfortable with it which is why Brent picked at me to keep doing it. I would like to say it got better but it is going to require lots more practice. Once I thought I might actually launch off Harley today! ugh this is hard stuff to learn. Now I know why finished reiners are so expensive! Here are some shots of Brent riding Harley today, he was not being particularly good today in these shots.
This is the beginning of the spin
spin continued, note his hind end.
This is the run down
Here is the stop, my camera has to long of a delay to capture the best part.
Tomorrow is D day for the throat scope. Not looking forward to it but will be relieved to finally have an answer. As a treat for that torture I am going to a cooking class at the local race track. They do one each month with the head chef and it is fun to watch then eat his creations. Tomorrow's theme is Derby day so I am digging out my best hat for the contest and will try for shots to share with you. Just hoping I can taste something and my throat won't be to sore, maybe the mint julep!
Happy trails...


Pony Girl said...

I love these pictures!! It makes me want to take up reining. My 14 yr. old Appy is an ex-reiner. I am tempted to do some beginning level reining on him, I'm just afraid his hocks won't hold up. But he'd be a great horse for me to learn on, as he knows all the basics. He's just a little rusty! We mostly trail ride.
Can't wait to hear more about the lessons! I really enjoy your blog.

Mrs Mom said...

hehe Can we get you some of that Stick Um' stuff for the seat of your jeans TRC? ;) Might be nasty in the wash later on, but as long as your butt stays put its worth it right? ;)

Keeping fingers crossed for your Dr visit today. Let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I love ya girlfriend and am thinkin about you today. Don't worry I think all of us riders could use super stickum at some point in our riding career. Harley looks great by the way.

Rising Rainbow said...

I would think the stops would be easier than the spins. Don't the spins make you dizzy?