Monday, April 7, 2008

Departure from the normal

OK, for those of you used to my soft fuzzy feel good blog... you may want to skip this post it is going to be ugly. I actually slept on this issue and still it is on my mind so I am going to write about it. Warning...... the Irish beotch is going to come out today. There are few things in life that I detest, Child or Animal abusers, Liars and when someone is just plain mean!

For those of you who follow my blog and read the comments you will know whom I am referring to. For the rest of you, well you will have to do your research because I am not granting her the privilege of having her name on my page again. It started quite simply by me passing along a email that was sent to me. I thought it well written and enjoyed it so I shared, I listed the author as unknown. The next day after receiving word of whom it was published by, I wrote another post identifying her and even put links to her websites. Now out of the blue some 4-5 months later she sends me a vicious email threatening to sue me for copy write infringement. Get a FREAKING GRIP LADY! I did write her back a comment at her site, but the comments are moderated and I doubt she will publish it , I don't care. I always welcome all comments and I can accept criticism and I am not perfect. But I am an honest, sympathetic human being who cares about the horse world. How dare you attack my inner values and integrity by writing that crap to me. I suggest you take a good long look at yourself and lighten up. While you are at it why don't you do something positive for the horse world instead of bringing in more mud slinging junk.

This ends my tirade for today and I promise when I settle down I will fill you in on the weekend and all the wonderful things that happened.
Happy trails.....

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Mrs Mom said...

TRC, shoot me an email. I got some info to pass along to ya re: this situation here. ;)