Sunday, March 30, 2008

New perspective

Hi folks, thanks for all your words of encourgement! I am happy to tell you I have a new perspective today and had a very encouraging lesson yesterday. Today I can barely move, I am so sore everywhere now I know how Harley feels! I did some soul searching and talked with a good friend and we were able to put alot of things in perspective for me. I think it all boils down to the fact that I carry to much guilt around, probably enough for the whole state here. I let all the outside stuff get in my head and then I cannot concentrate on the task at hand, which was my riding. True the new saddle threw me as well but I think I tend to over analyze everything anyway. Being a mom , wife and employee I want to give everything my undivided attention and feel guilty if I let someone down. Thing is I never stop to think about me and my needs. This week I had to much stuff going on around me to distract me, the truck broke down again and therefore my husband is out of work which makes him unbearable. My appointment for my throat was cancled again until April 9th now and the not knowing of that is torture, and several other little inconviences. Fact is thou these things are always going to happen and I need to find a way to file them away when it is my turn to learn. Easier said then done but I am going to work on it.

Yesterday I came clean with Mike my trainer and he also was supportive and told me to just live in the moment when with Harley. That is after all how horses function, they are not thinking ahead to feed time or behind at what they did last night. So when I saddled up in the new saddle which by the way I LOVE, I had the right frame of mind. We fixed the stirrup leathers and that gave me more confindence and Mike explained at great length the how's and why's of leg position and hands which helped me help Harley. I need lots of work on my hands which are to quick and more trust that Harley isn't going to sling me off. I practiced spins and WOW! my little horse can burn a hole in the ground! I need more help there to but I came away feeling much better about my abilities and my relationship with Harley. My goal is to go and ride at least three days a week and hopefully that will get me going again.

I think the folks interested in Tank are going to try him for a week and do a trial run. I really want him to fit where he is going and be happy. I will keep you posted.
Happy trails.....


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad that things went better with Harley. Overcoming quick hands is hard to do so be patient with yourself. Being patient with yourself will reflect in your patience with your horse. The fact that you are even aware you have quick hands makes you miles ahead of many riders. Give yourself credit for that as well. You will get there because it's important to you.

Mrs Mom said...

Chin stays UP there TRC ;) Alls well that ends well, and you are WAY on the right track here. Sounds like you and Harley are going to work wonderfully together too. Cant wait to hear more of your adventures!

Will keep your throat in our thoughts too ;)

Jill said...


Interesting blog.

Would love to speak sometime about a partnership.