Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is Here!

Spring has sprung! How do I know you ask. Well for one thing, my daffodils and tulips have emerged from their winter hiding mulch. But the real evidence is the monsoon rain we are getting and of course the warmer weather. We have had two inches so far today and it is supposed to rain all night and most of tomorrow. I am also invaded by the lady bugs from Hell! As soon as the temperature outside reaches 50 degrees, it is fair game for the invasion to start. I think they hibernate in the window casings or the wood floors all winter. The house is brick so they are not in the walls, even the inner walls are brick here. Living in this old house we are accustomed to them but my relatives are not. It brings to mind a visit from my sister and her family a few Thanksgivings back.

My sister her husband and two kids, Tiffany who was 14 then and William who was 9 came north from Miami to visit us here in the woods. First the kids thought we lived in the middle of nowhere, which is partly true it is somewhere just not near anywhere cool by kid standards. They thought maybe the house might be creepy being it is 135 plus years old and perhaps haunted. It is neither I can assure you. Anyway it was fairly warm the first part of the trip and the lady's came out in force, every cabinet you open every warm bathroom, well you get the idea. Tiffany thought they were absolutely disgusting and I bet she was texting all her friends down south just how backwoods this place was. Despite the bugs we did get some snow before they left, which delighted all of us and made for some great pictures for them.

On another note, I am not feeling so bad about Harley being stuck inside at boot camp since he would be contained here as well this week. Tank is handling the solitary OK, and his face is no longer looking like a watermelon. I hope to swing by and see Harley tomorrow on my way back from work, I am sure he is getting quite the workout these days.
I am diligently dropping pounds and working out to get my self fit for the season as well so he isn't the only one in boot camp!
Happy trails.....


Tracey said...

A 135 year old house? How cool is that! (Very, in case you're wondering.)

I wish you luck on the weight loss. I was going to try that, but then City Boy made deep fried tacos topped with heaps of sour cream for dinner, and I just couldn't say no after he'd gone to all that trouble now, could I?

I see you've got a link to American Ranch Horse...I just discovered that website this weekend. Looks like tons of fun and we're hoping now to get a chapter going in WA.

(BTW...found you via the Power Guides!)

Victoria Cummings said...

What is it with the ladybugs? We've got them too this year in New England - never had them for the past 3 years that we've lived here. It's crazy how many there are. Last fall, I came home and found the front of my house literally covered with them. When we lived in California, I used to buy boxes of ladybugs at Home Depot and put them in my fruit trees to eat the aphids. Maybe we could corral them and ship them out West?

Leanne said...

Hi, I'm from Ontario Canada and spring has sprung but you wouldn't know it here. This year we got sooo much snow. We are all sick of it, even the horses. Lady bugs, omg we have alot too, when the warmer weather comes, I am constantly vaccuming them up. I don't know about yours but ours bite. Some goverment agency decided to bring them in from Asia to kill other bugs in the garden, I think they are called Asian Beetles (but I'm not sure) all I know is they are more trouble than they are worth.