Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another day in paradise

Well folks I didn't make it to the rescue on Friday, my oldest came up with a strange hive pattern on his back and shoulders and a trip to preschool was necessary to retrieve him. Still not sure what set him off, checked for different foods, detergent and the likes but it is another of life's mysteries. He is none the worse for wear and tear I assure you.

Today I enjoyed a glorious day in paradise.... OK, I am stretching it here but I did have lots of horse time and rode Harley! I dug out the trailer and I do mean dug, lots of mud now that we are in the 40's and trailered him to a friend's house. My friend Tiffany has an indoor and a few more acres than me to ride on. Plus her dear hubby just brought her home a new/used trailer. Lucky girl.....honey are you reading this??? Heck I would settle for an outdoor arena at this point. But I digress......
Harley was an absolute gentleman, despite Tiffany having her jumps set up and two very large and colorful pinwheels in the arena. You see Tiffany is getting ready to three day event and is throwing everything at her horse to prepare him. Harley actually walked up to the pinwheel and nudged it, causing it to move and him to jump backwards! The footing is quite deep in the arena and Harley is much out of shape so I did not push to hard but he seemed to remember everything where we left off. After schooling we couldn't help but take a ride down by the creek in her hayfield, I think it did both Harley and I wonders to see something different than home. When I got back I turned Harley out into the abyss
of mud and watched him play. I never tire of watching my little horse, he is such a lover of life. He must have rolled six times covering every inch of himself in grey mud, but oh the joy in his expression. Tomorrow I am going to do it again and will worry about all that grooming I have to do to get the mud off, for now I am basking in the glow of happy horse love.
Happy trails indeed......


Mrs Mom said...

LOL ya got a dust mask for when you have to scrape off alla that darn MUD? ;)

Hope the little dude gets sorted out there, and has no more oddball things happen!

Gecko said...

Oh, goodie! Getting mud off, I'd love to come and lend a hand...but sadly I'm on the other side of the globe...sorry!!!!! =)

I'm so glad you had a good day together, it's always nice to get into new surroundings...just for a break.