Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boot Camp update

I have been remiss at keeping you informed of the boot camp adventures.
I have visited twice this week and am happy to tell you Harley is already fit and doing so well. Me on the other hand am as rusty as an aged nail in the rain..... Today I took a lesson on Harley and it was a disaster by my standards. First Brent rode him and showed me his progress and I was ....stunned yes that is the word I am looking for. He was spinning beautifully with his hind foot planted and his head straight and level.
He still needs work on his stops, but is coming along nicely. Then came my turn, I decided to ride in a different saddle as mine is not fitting Harley well. The stirrups were to long and no more holes so I made due, mistake! It is a cutting saddle with flat seat and I am used to my reining seat, whole new perspective with balance here. I tried taking things slow and trotting circles, apparently I am too heavy on my hands and this aggravated Harley causing him to speed up, dart from side to side and sling his head. I'm like, what the hey??? I just saw this horse perform beautifully for Brent. It only got worse and I just got discouraged and am sad to tell you I quit. Now I am mad at myself for quitting and pretty much ruined the rest of my day. I don't know why I am beating myself up, I haven't ridden seriously since last September and Harley is a little quirky to ride anyway. The new saddle and lack of stirrups didn't help so I am cutting myself some slack and tomorrow is another day, better I hope! Harley's galls have healed and today he got a bath to wash off all that yucky sweat and grime.

Onto Tank news.... I have a family interested in adopting him and I am considering letting them try him for a weekend. I am anguished at the thought of parting with him yet I know he needs more attention then I give him. I am investigating them pretty hard and I want them to know I care about him and will be picky, picky, picky about who and where he goes. We will see how that works out.

Finally some warm weather although the rain can go somewhere they need it, we need floats around here. Hope you all are getting spring fever and getting out there more with the ponies!
Happy trails....


Mrs Mom said...

The first time I crawled up on Little Mare the other week, (bareback--- ooooo so stupid on my part...) I felt like riding was a whole new thing to me. Which is stupid, really since I have been riding since I had legs (that from my Dad.....) But then I thought about it-- it been since 2004 (2004 for petes sake!!) since i have done any SERIOUS riding. No wonder I felt like a rag doll up there!

It passes quickly though, and those feelings of doubt and inadequacy vanish pretty fast. Keep at it, try another saddle, and BELIEVE you can do this, and you and Harley will be awesome! ;) (I have loads of faith in ya!)

Wow-- a possible home for Tank....Thats awesome and scary at the same time... Please keep us posted on how that goes too!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Changing saddles at all can be a big change and that's even with stirrups the right length. It only makes sense that your horse will be different in training than he would be with you. It'll take some time to learn the "feel" that the trainer uses. Give yourself a break and some time.

I hope the possible home for Tank works out well. I know all the feelings parting with a horse can bring up. As much as I need to sell something, I dread the day and mostly because I don't want to make anymore mistakes at my horse's expense.