Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Better days ahead

Well here's looking to better days ahead, this one was a bust. Nothing earth shattering just a bunch of disappointments and general crap going the wrong direction. It started with the usual thirteen wake up calls from wee one starting at 11:30 last evening right up to 4:30 this morning. Then I discovered upon first light that two fence post decided rot at the base and fall over in yesterday's torrential rain and wind. The horses have been cooped up for two days so it was necessary to go out and fix the fence in the 20 degree weather first thing. I won't bore you with the rest of the day's events as they are not worth writing about. The trailer shopping didn't go well either yesterday. Even though I called and asked all the questions necessary before going to look and was assured that indeed it was the size listed it was not what I was looking for. You see I am not that glitter and glam girl, I don't want a fancy slide out, carpeted

and all the goodies trailer. I like my stock with the exception that 1. it does not have a tack compartment and 2. the dressing room although nicely finished is not big enough for my family of four to sleep in. I really want my boys to start going to my shows and to camp with me so thus the need for bigger digs up front. I'm not in a hurry so I will just keep shopping around and I am sure I can find something in time.


Mrs Mom said...

Hang in there TRC... Today is another day, and it has all the potential to be a fantastic day for you! ;)

Least that is what I will keep hoping for you!

Spring cant be that far off can it? Have you seen any robins yet?

Kathy C said...

I've been looking for something different myself on the trailer lines. I found a nice used one that fits our needs exactly but the excape door needs a bit of welding. Otherwise it's a three load slant gn with tack and sleep area up front. Perfect.

Hope today is going better for you.

LN- Nickers and Ink said...

Yep, I agree. Gotta love a good old stock trailer! With young horses, as we have, an open stocker can't be beat.

Hold on, spring is coming! Trail riding days are just around the bend!