Saturday, March 8, 2008

And now a word from the Queen......

Of our house of course.....Meet Betty queen of camp swampy here. Er

I should call it swamp snowy today.. we are in a blizzard warning here.

We have nine inches of snow since yesterday and still going.......... the wind is howling and it is just miserable out there. Betty informed me that I failed to properly introduce her so I am turning the blog over to her today and she will inform you of the goings on around here.
Hello, let's get one thing straight here I may be little at 11 inches tall and 10 pounds but I am the queen of this house! I am a rough coat Jack Russell Terror and yes I can be a terror. I am 11 years old and am fed up with her not giving me my fair shake here in blog land. I sit patiently on that heat grate pictured at the top, watching her type away on her computer and never a mention of me. OK , once in an old picture with her horses. I have put up with alot around here, first these two spawn invading my once quiet house the rescue dogs being housed here as they show up and now a freaking cat! I have gone from front row when I traveled everywhere with them to the cute little dog down here. Oh I know she still adores me and all but she could chronicle some of my happenings once in a while... Like the time I got lost for nine days, or how bout when I fell through the ice on the pond and scared the be jeez out of her. She is trapped in the house complaining about the snow today and the fact that she can't take her beloved Harley down to the trainers again.
I can't say I like this snow either but dad did shovel me a path to get my business done in. We have seen some robins around so maybe spring is coming. Thanks for hearing me out today , happy blogging from paw ville.

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jdp said...

I have two JRTs, (both rescues) they are really a handful. My older male used to ride in the car with me everywhere I went - now he's stuck at home and I think he really misses it.

The weather sounds awful! Bring on spring!