Thursday, October 30, 2008

Horse trials

I am back in the horse hunt again. Tonight I went down to the Craig's and tried two horses out. The first was a paint mare that was 6 years old and had cutting training. She just weaned her first foal about 6 weeks ago. She was a nice looking mare around 15.1 and a red and white tobiano. Sorry I forgot the camera. She was obviously well trained just a bit rusty from having a year off. She was extremely gentle and well mannered. She just didn't make me go wow!

The second horse was a 3 year old perlino gelding AQHA. I know, I know 3??
Well let me tell you, he was as gentle and broke a 3 year old that I every saw.
Mike rode him bridle less around the arena. At first I was not crazy about his looks, then when I saddled him he looked kinda flashy. He was very sweet and wanted to crawl in my pocket. He moves beautiful! I rode him for awhile and though he is not "finished" he was very responsive and calm! His lope is to die for.
Just not sure about the color.

Is that silly? I mean a good horse is a good horse right?

He has greenish eyes as well.

I decided that I would go back next week and ride them both again although I think I have ruled out the mare. She is priced at 6 and the gelding at 3. Gonna take some time with this and do some more looking around.

As for Harley, yes I am going to disclose his aggressive stall behavior to potential buyers. No way do I want any bad karma or anything on my conscience if he should hurt someone or their kid. Mike thinks he has a guy interested in trying him as a heel horse. That would probably suit the little firecracker.

Will keep ya posted.


allhorsestuff said...

What is a "heel horse?"..oops...
first try at that Heel part..came out Hell..we already know what that horse looks like and does!

Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

AHS, a heel horse or heeler is the second part of a roping team that ropes the cows heels after the header ropes the head. Sorry for the confusion, I always assume everyone knows what the heck I am talking about. : )

Anonymous said...

Horse hunting ... there is always one that you can't walk away from. However, you describe the 3 year old as though you like him pretty well. "his lope is to die for".

They say a good horse has no bad color. However, I notice that for 30 years I've only had black horses. Hummmm

Will be interesting to see the lucky one you find.

Callie said...

A good horse is never a bad color. Good luck!

Pony Girl said...

Hmmm...well, color does matter, to me. Obviously, I own an Appy! ;) I think if you love the horse, but aren't sure of the color, and it's not just a regular sorrel....then it matters. I say that because the more unusual colors, such as perlino, and even certain colors of Paints and Appy's might not be for everyone. It's really up to what YOU like. And, despite what people say, judges are color prejudiced!
Take your camera next time so we can see what they look like! ;)

Anonymous said...

What isnt pretty about a gentle, well-started young horse? Okay, i know... if you have the means to get the color and the disposition, why not? But my dad always said, "Pretty is, as pretty does."

Melanie said...

How is that horse shopping-and selling-going?
I second PG's comment about taking!!