Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back from the show

I survived another show... somehow. I have come to the conclusion that I wear too many hats. Between showing a horse, helping run the office and putting out fires all over it is exhausting.

We left Friday just after noon in the rain and cold. Poor Harley looked like the abominable snow horse in all his hoods and blankets. I had to bundle him up as it was 39 degrees and raining and the trailer is open at the top. It did stop raining about 20 minutes from the showgrounds. We found the facility with no problems, you can check it out here . We were greeted by the owner of the facility and told where to park, not something I am used to. Upon entering the building (it is an all enclosed facility) I found a very unhappy president of our association. She informed me that the owners were trying to not honor the contract we had with them and were trying to charge differently for stalls and camping. After settling Harley in his stall and nominally setting up camp I went in search of said owner with a copy of the contract in hand. After a session of posturing and trying to intimidate me (which did not work!) we came to an agreement which suited me. Still, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean if people cannot honor their word or in this case contract, do we really want to do business with them? It all did work out fine in the end.....

Friday night we did the costume contest and the kids and I were pirates. Hubby did snap a few shots before my camera crapped out on us. Here is one of me and the kiddos plus Betty dog.

We did not have too many people participate which is a bummer but the kids had a ball and me well I won the mounted costume contest with this get up.

Here is a shot of some of my other friends, Wendy from the Wendy's restaurant
Dorothy and the wicked witch , me and pirate Harley and the headless horseman.

After being judged on our costumes we participated in bobbing for apples and the streamer race. I had the darnedest time getting an apple, even with my big mouth!
Harley did not appreciate the streamer race either so we bombed. The premise is to get another rider and you hold one end and the other rider holds the other and you travel together down the arena around a barrel without breaking the streamer.
Much fun anyway!

My favorite costume of the evening was the smallest Chihuahua I have ever seen wearing a saddle with a man riding him. This is the best pic hubby got of him.

My oldest son Carson got brave and did show Harley in lead line for the first time ever. He got a rainbow ribbon and was so proud that he wore it all day on his jacket and even slept with it that night. Too cute!
I did show in five classes and placed in all around the middle of the road. Not our best effort but certainly not the worst. Harley was amped up as usual and hard to rate. Sunday I just helped in the office and hung out to watch some of the cattle classes. All in all a great weekend, we had a nice turnout with around 111 horses from 5 states. A nice facility and looking forward to the next show in December.
For now I am catching up around here and on the mountain of laundry we created this weekend. Going to the Craig's this weekend to work Harley on a mechanical cow and to try a horse again. I know, I just can't leave it alone. Never hurts to ride just one more.


Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun, but tiring, week-end. Glad you had fun, and you all looked too cute in your getups, even Betty dog.

Get that laundry caught up....I am doing the same thing after 5 days in Tennessee. Also mounds and mounds of work to catch up on.

Have a great rest of the week !

Pony Girl said...

Wow, sounds like a busy weekend. I love that you had spirit and dressed up for the halloween costume class! Go Girl! Say, that streamer game sounds hard, but a good one to put in the pony cousin rodeo next summer!

Train Wreck said...

Oh congrats to your son first off! Argh Congrats to you matie! LOL! Great costume! My horse woud have run like the headless horsemans horse! No way would she let me near her wearing a costume!! Are you serious! That is a dog!? I love the costume! but holy cow that is too tiny. Dally would squash it!

Mrs Mom said...

You go cowgirl!! Harley looks toooo freaking cute in his costume too. HIGH 5 to Little Man!!!!!

I'll catch ya soon- gotta fill you in on all the goings on here. Its pretty much all GOOD, too!!

Kisses to the kids and the crew, and huge hugs to you girl.