Thursday, October 16, 2008

Loose ends

Oh, where has the week gone??? I know I have been bad about posting again and disappointing all of you out there. I am feeling like my life is around a million loose ends these days.....

I have been meeting with real estate agents and showing them the house in preparation for choosing a listing agent. I showed the house to an interested party twice, no call backs yet. Cleaning the stinking house , way to much.

Quick trip to Lexington to check out a house. Won't work. Sigh....
Showing the black horse trailer, still trying to get it sold. Have someone coming tonight to buy it, Hopefully!

Getting forms and junk together for the fun weekend. I am in charge of the Ranch Horse Challenge which is on Sunday. Been fielding calls all week about that.

Did I mention the field trip to the pumpkin patch with oh say about 50 3-6 year olds!

Harley is practically being ignored and is sure to give me a butt lashing this weekend when I climb up on him. He is starting to hair up as the days get shorter.
I think I have the bots under control and am actually looking forward to the first frost just so they die!

Oh yeah, I am in the planning stage of the trip south with Tank as well. Not anyone out there figured it out yet? I guess maybe it isn't such an interesting issue.
He is going south to Savannah to a favorite blogger friend of mine, she will have fun trying to fix up his pigeon toed, flat soled feet.

Yes, MM I am going to do that post on the mile high apple pie I Swear!

Right now I am going to pack for the weekend trip!

Happy trails....


Mrs Mom said...

Tell you what- you bring some pie with you, and I'll fire up the smoker. We can have Boston Butt galore, and pie.. and get fat as ticks! ;)

Hugs to you, and of course rubs to both the ponies there. ;)

allhorsestuff said...

How cool!
I am such a newbe...would have had to cram for that!