Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Tour......Come on In!

OK, been teasing you for awhile with the home tour thing, here goes.

This first pic is of the outside of my house at late afternoon.

The next is of the fall display on the front porch.

Now let's go inside. Here is the foyer.

Don't ya just love those wood stairs and that banister? I never did get to replacing the wall paper in here but oh well. If you turn to your right just at the foot of the stairs you will enter the parlor. Well, I use it as my bedroom. It is my favorite room in the house!

Here is a closer view of that fireplace. Yes it is original to the house as is the Mosaic tile around it. 1871 folks, an oldie but a goldie.

Now if you were to head to the left as you came in the front door you would be in the living room. The rooms are around 15 x 16 with 10 ft ceilings, kind of hard to get that perspective in a photo. That mauve carpet was here when I moved in and well it is in nice shape so I left it, definitely not one of my favorite things in the house.

Just behind the living room is the dining room another of my favorite rooms because it also has a fireplace in it. This one we converted to a gas log. The fireplaces are shallow as they were made for coal and burning wood in them would not be to safe with the age of the chimneys either.

You can see I am all decked out for fall on my mantle.

Behind the dining room is the kitchen. When we moved in there was carpet on the floor. We pulled up the carpet and sub floor and stick on tiles and refinished the original oak floors. I also painted the cabinet doors and put on new hardware, this was one dark kitchen when I moved in now it is bright and happy.

As you can see the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling in the kitchen. I took off some doors and made open shelving for some of the crap I collect. (I collect to many things!)

This part is hard to explain but if you were to walk straight thru the foyer you would enter what I claim as my office. It is a summer porch that has been closed in to create a room that is 23ft long and 15 ft wide with the old mini tiles on the floor. Here is a shot of where I blog.

Note the ribbons on the wall from Harley's shows, those are various horse pics they are hanging on. The circular things are bird plates I collect from the Bradford exchange. Not much on my desk to comment on this was taken in a rare moment when it was clean.

Just off this room at the back of the house is a small bathroom. Since the walls are solid brick and 15 inches thick all the plumbing is at the rear of the house. This bathroom had a corner shower in it when we got here. I remodeled it and had to replace the floor all the way so we found a claw foot tub and now my little devils have somewhere to bathe besides a rubber maid tote! Yes I truly bathed my oldest son in a tote in the shower until he was almost two!

If you give me the asking price I will throw in the two little farm hands!

There are four bedrooms upstairs but I did not snap pictures they are basically just boring rooms full of my little monster's toys! Upstairs is kid ville around here.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of this old house.

I leave you with more clues on the where is Tank going game. I can't believe you guys aren't even guessing! This should do it tonight.

The new owners follow the thoughts of Tom Dorrence and Ray Hunt.
Remember the famous quote from Ray? "It's all about the feet!".

Happy trails......


K T Sparks said...

Hi, I am new to your site, came thru TrainWreck! I love your house and it reminds me of a friend of mine who lived in Lebannon, Indiana! Yours is so quaint on the outside and it looks like it belongs in Country Living. I love the dark yellow in the dining room!
Just paint the foyer when you start it. I love historic homes and yours is a gem! I share your love of horses, but I don't have them anymore. I miss it alot, lucky you! Come visit my site, The Wildwood, sometime.

Callie said...

LOve the house! Very cool, I love houses with history! Wish I was in the market!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there again!
I love your home! BEAUTIFUL!

The size is what we'd like for ours, next the country with the horses! For now, we live in the city in a 1904 Queen Anne Vernacular. Very small, but hey,my husband and cat and don't need too much room!
Thanks for sharing your home with us!

Mrs Mom said...

Great place there TRC. Love the little dudes in the tub..hehehe... And WHERE may I ask, is the Mile High Apple Pie post? Hmmmm??? <... tapping keyboard here...>

Kiss the babies and the ponies from me!

Meandering with Marilyn said...

Wow! Thanks for having an open house for us!


Mikey said...

Lol, I'd buy that place if you throw in the farm hands! They are cuties!
I know where Tank's going :)
Thanks for the offer with the horse, we'll see if we can't catch her tonight. Going to try the bait horse theory first. See if she'll like my sway backed old man, or at least like him enough to join him in eating in that pen!

Train Wreck said...

Love the "Pour me" hmmm where have I heard that before!? he he!!
Your house is gorgeous!! I love it! I would love to have your house! You should have no problem selling such a gem! I hope the market is better where you live.Great pictures! LOL! on the throwing in the help!!