Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October and the love hate relationship

October is a tough month for me personally. I am torn with my love, hate feelings toward the month. It is fall, I love the fall...trees changing colors, crispness to the air, no more flies, campfires! I hate October because it is the month my mom died. True it has been twenty years this month but it really doesn't get any easier. Sigh......
I also hate the fact that winter follows fall.... Ice, snow and cold wind. Less riding, trapped inside with crazed kids. Bots.... What the heck, I have bots like crazy this year. Harley and Tank are covered on a daily basis. I go out and scrape them all off with my lava rock and the next day they are back with a vengeance. To boot the little boogers are even laying in Harley's gorgeous mane! How might I go about getting rid of those without pulling out precious mane hair?

Enough of that, I made the decision to sell my farm this past weekend. I have had enough. My hubby travels most of the time and it is just to much work for me here alone with the kiddos. I snapped some pictures today and when I get them uploaded I will take you on a tour of the old house. It was a mixed decision to sell it with the economy right now and my feelings for the old place. But, it means I can relocate to Kentucky finally and be near good friends and a little milder weather.
Also, hub will be home more nights!

Ready for the next round of clues in the "Who is inheriting Tank Game"?
OK, here goes....
He will feel the fresh ocean breezes and have two little people to play with.
His new staff is extremely camera shy. He will be bringing his new staff back to riding again.

That's it for tonight kids... good luck
Happy trails....


Callie said...

Sorry about your Mom, even though it was so long ago. I lost my Mom in 1999 to a drunk driver. I feel your hurt. Good luck on selling your farm. Funny my Hubs and I were talking about if we were to ever consider a move, we would be looking toward Lexington,KY.

Anonymous said...

wow! That is quite a decision. I hope everything works out well for you and hubby. I look forward to the pix

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Seems you just find a wonderful friend and they up and move on ya!
Best Wishes! Your house is beautiful and I'm sure you won't have any problems selling it. We loved KY when we lived there!