Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Game on

OK, time for some blogger fun!

Who can figure out first where my beloved Tank is going to?

Here is how we will do it. I will post a series of clues in each of my entries
and the first one to correctly guess will get a prize from Beyond the Barn Door (my new website is up and almost done) but that is another story.

Let's see if you guys have been paying attention here at all things horses.
I can tell you he is going South but not as far as we used to live. He will have one horsey companion there to meet him. I think that is all I am giving you today on the clues. See if your thinking caps are on.

In other news, I have been diligently working on my barn signs and trying to catch up on the special orders. I am thankful! I love being busy. However, I haven't been up on Harley since the show! Bad mommy! Today I am heading out for that lovely butt beating that I know I am going to get. He gets broncish when not ridden for a bit.
It will just be one day of it and then we will be good. I am supposed to have two horsey activities this month and I haven't given them enough attention either.

The first is a fun weekend put on by my ranch horse club it is scheduled for the
17th and 18th. We are heading out to a lovely ranch owned by an older couple to play in the cows and just ride and have fun. It is a nice time to practice on cattle without pressure. I am responsible for putting on the ranch horse challenge that weekend. It is going to be similar to the extreme cowboy race and be a payback competition. It will be judged on horsemanship skills and timed. I have had a lot of positive feedback on it so am expecting some serious riders to show up.

The very next weekend is a double judged show here in Cloverdale Indiana and I am not sure if I will show or just run the office. We really need for this show to run smoothly and efficiently as the venue is costing us a pretty penny. Still trying to decide if I can show and help out enough.

Well, now you are caught up in my little neck of the woods, mostly.
Let's go ride!


ridendurance said...

Enjoying your blog and reading about your life. Isn't the internet great? I am new to blogging here and it sure is a neat place to play when we aren't riding. Hope your trails today are all happy ones!

Jamie said...

I have no guess.
Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks.
Looks like things are going well there.
Can't wait to see your website and find something for myself.
Check out this place. I know you guys go to Buffalo River, but just a few more miles and I know you would love this place
It is my most favorite place to ride and camp

Take care !!!

PS. Did you see my horse show results !!! Woo-Hoo

Train Wreck said...

Hmmm? I will have to keep tuned in? I hope it is a safe trip.Good luck on your signage!

Mrs Mom said...

OOO!! Games!! hehehe

too back I usually suck at games like this! LOL

Whens the next hint coming? ;)

Callie said...

I can't play, it wouldn't be fair, cuz I know! Heheheh ;)