Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day in the life...

Sorry, been absent and left you hanging again.....I know. I have been in one of my funk's this week. No special reason just one of those times I battle every once and a while. I have a head cold that dear hubby brought home from the road and that is not helping matters much. The weather has been unseasonably warm and should help right???

I am having some issues with my son Carson's kindergarten teacher and have to have the conference tomorrow about it. He came home crying telling me what a bad day he had last week. After much prying it is because he doesn't finish his work fast enough. Pissed me off! I mean come on, he is five! Tried to let it calm a bit before I go in guns a blazing.... don't think it has settled with me. I know he is a bit slow but I mean we are talking Kindergarten folks. It is not Okay for a child to come home crying for any reason.

Today Harley discovered that the electric fence is not working and pushed on it and snapped a fence post and made more work for me tomorrow. My fault I know but dang I just can't seem to get caught up.

I called Mike at the Craig's and asked when I could come try the horses again. The paint mare is sold already. I am going tomorrow afternoon to ride "Frankie" again, he is the Perlino. I talked to my vet about any known issues with sun burn or cancer or eye site with the color and he said it is all myth. In fact they are really just a double dilute gene, sort of a buckskin without the black. It made me feel somewhat better and I decided that it is definitely worth another ride. I am taking the Harley man to ride also and let Mike ride him as well. Something to look forward to.....

I WILL take the camera this time and snap some photos of "Frankie" for you. Interestingly enough his owner calls him that because of his blue eyes which reminded her of Frank Sinatra. They looked green to me, but I will check again tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Mrs Mom said...

Girl, Kick That Teachers Arse. For real. Squeeze little Carson from me, and Kick That Teachers Arse from me too.

Callme if you need me ;) Happy to tell you bad jokes and cheer you up!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that you have what it takes to be a Pony Cousin!

Join the fun and find out if you would "fit in" by checking out this page: Highlight the address; copy it; paste onto your browser.