Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back on track

I am back, and back on track....well mostly. I still have the head cold and all the lovely stuff that goes along with it, coughing, runny nose and well you know the drill. I survived the teacher conference for my kindergartner without strangling the teacher or losing my cool. I really don't think it will help though, there are just too many kids in one class (21). Really not to many other options for us either, the private schools are way across town and rather expensive, I would spend my days driving about 22 miles each way to drop him off and pick him back up. Sigh....

I went down to the Craig's again yesterday afternoon and tried "Frankie" the Perlino again and another sorrel mare. YES~ I did remember the camera. I only got pictures of Frankie in the pasture not under saddle but it will give you the general idea.

You ready?

Here he is.......

Go ahead and give me your honest first thoughts. Does his color freak you out or catch your interest?

I took Harley down there with me yesterday and had a small lesson on him as well.
He was his usual fired up self. Mike brought out Frankie and rode him a piece, outside. It was a very pleasant and warm sunny day and I wanted to see how Frankie did outside. He did squint somewhat in the sun but it really did not seem to affect him in anyway. I rode him for about a half hour and he was great. I was laughing so much because he is so sensitive that when I would clear my throat or cough he would stop. I guess he could feel my stomach muscles tighten each time I coughed and he took it as the cue to stop. So nice to ride such a tuned machine, but really different from Harley. He stands 15.1 so the whole stride and movement is strange to me. He really drives from the rear also which is great but makes me feel like I am sort of riding a marsh mellow. I felt like I was all over the place but several riders out there commented on how much fun he looked like to ride and that I looked great on him. I took him out back to a small patch of woods and he left the other horses with no problem and just walked along happily. Can't really find a dent in him.

Mike brought out another little mare for me to try , she is very well bred and six years old. She is actually a hare smaller than Harley and very cute in the face. She has had 6 mos cutting training around 2 years ago. I noticed immediately that she is a timid mare when you approach her. Almost fear in her eyes as I talked to her and stroked her face. She rode nicely, great spins and very comfortable. She has a big motor, but... she came right back to my hand and was very controllable.
I bet she is quick on a cow. Her stops were not great and the lead change one direction is sloppy. I only tell you all this because the price on her is $6500.
and when I see that I am thinking I should be able to go show now at that price.
Her major flaw? Oh yes there is usually one in all of them. She is horrible for the farrier, in fact it was put to me as this "she is a bitch to shoe". When I inquired further I was told she needed to be drugged or laid down to shoe! Now I have a great farrier, but he is absolutely not tolerant of that nonsense and rightfully so. Mrs. Mom can she be fixed? I'm told she was not always this way only since this last owner. She kicks and snatches her leg away and scoots or whatever she has to do to get away. Sounds like someone put her rear leg in a cradle and scared the be jeez out of her and now she has figured out how to get away with it. I am thinking if she figured this out, what is to stop her from kicking out at my boys or something. Like her but....... don't think so.

Here are some pictures of her.

And so the search continues....

Haven't ruled out Frankie just not sure since he really still needs another 120 days to finish him.

Here is the thing also. I really like my horse to have a little "fire" however, I just want it to be a controlled fire not wide spread. I just do not know if I would be happy with such a quiet fellow. But, he would probably make the perfect mount for me to learn lots of maneuvers on quietly and correctly first and he is safe for my kids. Such decisions......

Stay tuned and as always your thoughts welcome!


Karen J-S said...

Such decisions is right!

Color in a horse is purely an individual's choice obviously. The only reason I don't like light colored horses is because of the hair showing up all over everything...silly huh?!?

But, I started a Perlino a few years back, and at first the whole eye thing was strange to me...but the more I got to working with him, the less I even noticed it.

Frankie's a nice looking horse and sounds like he's been trained just like you like too.

The mare's shoeing thing is a concern, but I think it can be fixed. But with children around, I too would consider safety first.

Ok, I'm new to this blogging thing and you don't know me, but personally it sounds to me like you need to keep shopping...your heart hasn't been touched yet...when you find one that you don't want to leave without...that is probably the one.

erin said...

I like Frankie, but I have one so... a little partial. He looks nice to me. Mine has blue eyes, have never seen the green before, unique for sure. I agree, if you don't just love him, keep looking.

Jamie said...

Been thinking about you and your horse hunting.
You will know when it is the right one, I think.
If you have to ponder a lot about it, then I don't think it is the right one.
So keep looking....that special one is waiting on you to find it.
Good luck and you are in my thoughts.
The perlino is cute though, I really like the look, and love the green eyes. I like different though.
I will keep following the journey to that perfect one !!
Good luck

Melanie said...

I second and third everyone else's comments about continuing to look. You will know when that special horse comes along!

Mrs Mom said...

Hi Ya TRC!

Well. First, I checked out the pix before I read much of your post. The little white colt is cute for sure- but like some of these ladies have mentioned, if he leaves you kinda "blah" in the heart, then he is not The One. That mare? She did nothing for me. Something about her eye that put me off. She is cute- nicely built, but.... I dunno. Then I read her kicking issue.

Yes. That IS fixable. BUT. You have two little men there that love horses.

When you really take a long, hard look at the horse market right now, present day, real time- what do you see?

Loads of well bred, sound, well started horses available for "the right price", that have NO hang ups. No baggage.

Now that little mare will float someones boat for sure. But for you? Well, knowing you as I kinda do, and knowing those wonderful little men of yours, I say pass her by. She is Not The One.

(GEEEEE nothing like an opinionated wench huh? LMAO)

Frankie is a cutie patootey. But unless he is one of those that you are seeing in your dreams at night, and can not stop obsessively thinking about while awake, I'd pass him by too.

The One is out there- waiting. I am betting gelding, and I am betting bay, and I am betting 14.3.

Wanna see how far off I am? ;)

Kisses to Harley and Tank from me, and I'll try and give you a call soon- lots lots to tell here!!! Oh- and hug those little men of yours from me too!!!

Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

Thanks ladies for all the comments,
I did a lot of soul searching and some dream evaluating and a decision has come. Next post!