Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On to the next big thing

I survived. It wasn't all that bad to tell you the truth. Except for the weather, it was 40 and raining/snowing windy and down right disgusting. Harley traveled well all bundled up in his hood and blanket, the people probably thought he was a pampered show horse. There were actually two people there to try him. The first was a young lady of 14 years of age that rode him positively wonderfully. Mike had Frankie tied up waiting for me, he was covered in mud! Just a little preview of what life was to be for me and keeping him clean. Cory had great fun telling me "who in their right mind would buy a white horse." all in jest of course. I reminded him that Frankie is NOT white, but a beautiful creme or pearl color. I also told him I could not wait to bathe him and discover truly what color he really is! The young lady riding Harley was just aglow in the arena. When I entered riding Frankie she remarked at how fast Harley was and how sensitive his ques were. She then told me she had to pound on her horse to get him to go. I thought they looked marvelous together and I sincerely hope she buys him. The other buyer was a middle aged man, rather quiet and reserved, he did not ride Harley but watched the girl. He asked me some questions about Harley and that was that. I was surprised later when Mike told me he really liked Harley.

Mike rode Frankie after I did and it was then that I could see all the progress he had made in just two weeks. I was riding him rather timid and Mike was really getting him to do so much more than me. Mike said it was all normal and that it was going to take me awhile to adjust to a new horse again. Sigh..... believe it or not this is my least favorite part. I am impatient in nature and I really do not relish the starting over part. Frankie is a good sport though and I truly enjoy riding him he is such a peach. Don't we look happy?

You can see from these photos how nice and dirty he is. A bath will have to wait since the weather has turned suddenly winter here and I do not want to risk getting him a chill. I guess spring will bring a new horse again when he is clean. Check out those horrendously muddy legs!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on the goodbye with Harley. I feel good in my decision and I think it is probably best for all of us. For now I am on to the next big thing...... Frankie.. and boy you should see me struggle to climb on up there!


Karen J-S said...

I'm truly excited for you...you two look great together!

That must have felt slightly odd to be riding your new horse and watching the prospective buyers of Harley riding him...all at the same time!

Everything always works out in the end.

Congratulations, I wish you two the very best~~

allhorsestuff said...

Ohhhh! I like the new page front!
Very nice to see people enjoy your Harly too...it has to make you feel good...
I do like that Creme horse Frankie.
You going to keep that name?

Melanie said...

Awwwww...you two look pretty nice together! He is actually a really handsome horse, and his color is starting to grow on me. :)

Hope that Harley finds himself a great new home soon!