Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here I am walking around my house way..... to early this am. My kids are up before the dawn or even the crack of it. They are excited. We are leaving today to go to the North American Expo and Horse Show. A big quarter horse show and shopping venue in Louisville. They think it is another horse show I am sure, which means to them camping and friends and running amuck. Sigh..... they will be disappointed when we get there.

Not me, I am going shopping! Well, actually I don't need anything but hubby does need a new pair of boots. Me, a new straw hat with stampede string is about all I really need. But..... let's just see what I can find.

Really I am going mostly to watch Cory show. Monday he is showing two open horses and one of the non pro's in his barn that I ride with sometimes is showing her new horse as well.

The weather has turned cold and I guess winter is officially arriving. The horses will get their pajamas on before I leave and the feeder stuffed with hay.

I have news on the Frankie front, but..... you will have to wait until Tuesday for that post.

Happy trails.......


allhorsestuff said...

Oh Oh Oh!!!
Frankie post Frankie Post...

Melanie said...

Hope you have/had a great time! Don't spend too much!!!

Can it be Tuesday now???

Flying Lily said...

Enjoy!! Be spendy but not tooo much!!