Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dream land

How many of you believe your dreams hold clues to the future? I am I know a sort of different type of person. I believe strongly in my "gut" feelings and I can read people better than most. I have what most my friends call a "spidey sense", I just seem to know when things are not quite right with someone or something. Intuition?
Who knows, I do not ponder it that much, it just is .......

My dreams, well they sometimes frighten me with the truths they hold. I sometimes dream the same thing for days in a row and then it happens. This has happened my whole life. I used to frequent a woman who read your Aura, she was amazing and some might call it quackery but it truly helped me with loads of baggage from my childhood. She felt that I had the gift also. I am not pursuing it , I just know that I have another sense as I call it.

My Mom has been gone for twenty years now, but she still frequents my dreams every week. The dreams with her in them are especially special since I feel like she is guiding me in her own way. For the past three nights I have dreamed and she has been in each one. Last night she came to me riding Frankie! She is always in white when I dream about her and to see her riding this cream horse was strange. We had a conversation about Frankie and she loved him. Not sure if this is my sub conscious playing tricks on me or what.

This morning I pitched an offer to Mike on Frankie and we shall see if it flys.
If it is meant to be than so be it.

I appreciate all your insights and thoughts on this subject and quite frankly I went with my heart last time with Harley and well we know the results. This time I am trying to be more practical and think long term for my family. Who knows maybe if my kids rock out on him I will find another "one" for me. Meanwhile nothing wrong with a well broke nice gelding around here.

Will keep ya posted!


allhorsestuff said...

Hay now,
I do think that your sense about things is a gift.
Your dreams can definately show you the inner most self and your heart + fears sometimes. Future and Past.

Funny, reading your dream and you following up on it that way...this am I awoke in sobs and tears, for having an abnoxious dream about my lovley kitty Elsie. We had moved to the country and she got lost..."roamed away"someone told me...and I was calling her and calling her crying..till I awoke to her right under my hand, in the bed under the covers! Makes me want to just stay home today and pet her and gaze upon her!!

I love how you remain close to your mom in your dreams-and WOW- her riding frankie!
Now that is amazing and I truly hope you can attain him.
I think, You would always be endeared to the gelding for your dream's sake and maybe even reach new goals and do things you may not have thought you wanted to.
Be waiting to see how it all comes to pass~

Melanie said...

So now I have to confess that I think Frankie looks like such a kind soul in the pictures that you took of him, and that the only reason I hesitated to tell you to get him, is because he is a perlino...although he does kinda grow on you!

I am a believer in dreams, and connecting with people, so do what your momma is trying to tell you to do! :)

Like you said, if he is a great horse for the kidlets, you can always get yourself something with a little more get up and go.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!