Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's make a deal

I'm back! Actually I got back Monday night but yesterday I just could not get out of my own way to post. I have lots to tell you and some pictures to show you if I ever get them downloaded to my computer. Am I that busy? No, just in the dumps....
Still....... no particular reason just lots of little annoyances and such.

The North American expo was fun. There was plenty to look at and the kids had a blast. I am sorry to report that I did not buy one stinking thing. What? I know, I know I let you all down. Really I couldn't find a hat I liked or a belt that would do either and those are the two things I really wanted. Hubby made up for my loss, he bought a new pair of boots, cell phone holster, socks and toys for the kiddos.

I did get to watch Corey ride and some of the non pro friends from his barn compete also. Corey won the open class on a client's paint horse and looked beautiful doing it. Someday......sigh.

Enough of that I know the news you are all waiting for.......


Here is my let's make a deal proposal to Mike the other day.
"I really like Frankie but am concerned about him not being finished, how long do you estimate before he is finished" Mike replies "He is about 120 days from finished." Well then I propose " I am willing to trade Harley for Frankie and the 120 days training to finish him". Mike pauses a long moment and says " I will propose it to his owners and see what we come up with."

Two long days later........
Mike calls and says "His owners are willing to do the trade, but only half the training time." This meaning they will pay thru the end of the year on Frankie than it is my bill. After much thinking and consideration to the horse market right now and the aggravation factor of selling a horse I decided it was a good plan.

So folks, YES the Frankie boy is mine! We haven't worked out when Harley will go down to Mike and Cory's but Frankie will stay until March. They have a few different leads for Harley so hopefully he will find someone fit for him soon.
Thus my news for the day... I am crawling back in my hole for awhile wake me when winter is over!


Karen J-S said...

Well, that's some pretty exciting news!!! It sounds like a pretty good deal for everyone all the way around...look forward to hearing more.

Melanie said...

Well it looks like little Frankie has found himdelf a good home!!!

I am really happy for you! About that rock you keep climbing back under...sorry! There is nothing worse than having a little bit a low-grade depression that just hangs on, and on, and on, and on....Feel better soon! :)

Melanie said...

If I make one more typo today.....I meant to say "himself," not "himdelf!!!"

allhorsestuff said...

Well Alrighty then girlie!
You are some horse trader by heart..darned fine one!
I am very happy for you!
I hope that you can SHAKE the funk...!!!

I have resorted to taking charge of the debt with Dave Ramsey/popping 2, 2000 iu of Vita D3/
Light therapy(for my S.A.D.), Rescue remedy for stress during the days...and letting myself have some training time off -guilt free- with my mare that hates the arena.Next mo. I start jumping lessons(at a diff stable)...a little flat too, and I feel much better taking it slow, staying away form the Nazi trainer and her control at my stable.

Am sleeping better..that does increase the better mood factor for me by 50%
Hang in there sweet!