Monday, January 28, 2008

Tag ......I'm it

Thanks to fellow friend and blogger Shannon at Oh horse feathers I have been tagged to play the following game. I am always up for a challenge so her goes.

"7 things you did not know about me."

Well most people that know me, know I am an open book so this will require so serious consideration.

1. I am the biggest flirt .... Ever!

2. I have an inherent fear of walking on ice. (although I have done it)

3. I was married at 19 and still am to the same man after 21 years.
(do I get my medal soon??)

4. I have never backed down from a dare, so be careful what you ask me
to do.

5. I have an absolutely horrible temper, although it takes alot for people
to see it.

6. My biggest critic is myself, I cut myself no slack.

7. Finally..... I would do anything for anyone in need, but I have a hard
time asking for help from anyone.

There you have it. Some folks this will not be a surprise to and others may have learned a little more about me. NOW........ I am supposed to tag a few people to keep it going so I am tagging Kathy, Victoria, and Carol.
Lets see what I can learn about you ladies!
Happy trails....


Callie said...

I think alot of us are our own biggest critic....LOL

Kathy C said...

Married at 19 eh? Congrats! It took me until 24 to tie the knot. Couldn't be happier 19 years later.

I finally got around to putting up my 7!

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks for tagging me, but I got the MEME virus - see Mikael's post about it - and just finished my 7 confessions - Ice I can handle, but not earthquakes. Congratulations for sticking with the same guy - from what you've written about him, he sounds like a good one to keep. And as far as Andy goes, he's lucky to have you and I know that you'll decide what's best for him.