Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jail time for chronic horse abuser

Ok, let me start by saying the justice system sucks for animals.

I usually don't get into the habit of blogging about animal cruelty and abuse since this blog is dedicated to happy things. But.....that being said I must share this news about a local shithead who finally got some of what is coming to him. I would personally like to give him what I feel is due him.

Some back round info for you and how it involved me personally.

I am in a rescue group for animals here in my home town, it is called Community Animal Rescue Effort or CARE for short. We primarily help small animals such as dogs and cats but we do not turn away anything we can help. You can see more on the organization at . In May of 2006 the local humane society was called out to a property with the complaint of dead and starving horses. They found four (later a fifth) dead horses laying in mud and removed nine others. Care was called for help with placing the horses in foster homes and any financial help we could muster. Several of our members are horse owners or lovers and of course we rallied and helped whatever way we could. I personally helped remove the horses with the aid of my stock trailer and my family paid to sponsor a mare (her feed and care) since we could not take her in. I am attaching pictures of the horses below. BE WARNED THESE ARE GRAPHIC IN NATURE AND SHOW DEAD HORSES AS WE FOUND THEM.

I am happy to report all the horses did recover and thanks to Indiana hooved humane society they will go on lead better lives. Shirley and Sam Smith are amazing dedicated people and my hats off to them.

The man accused of the abuse is no stranger to the courts, he was arrested before for failure to dispose of dead animals on his property in 1988. Basically he got probation and that was it. You can read the whole story on CARE'S website under horses; terry baxter.

The great news is that he was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to 10 years in jail. Unfortunately all but 2.5 years were suspended. He also must serve 19 years on probation, 5 reporting and 14.5 non reporting. He had to forfeit the horses and pay some of the expenses for care of the horses. Sadly I don't think that is good enough but until the laws change, scum like this will continue to own and abuse animals.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd, those poor, poor animals! What an awful, horrible way for them to die. I'm so glad that you were able to save the others. As for the abuser, I'm glad he at least got some punishment and some jail time. It wasn't that long ago he probably wouldn't have even got that.

BTW, I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading your riding adventures.


Mrs Mom said...

Have no fear- there is a very special place in hell for people like this.

Kudos to you and CARE for doing all you can.

dusti said...

I am brand new to this blogging thing, haven't even finished mine yet. But was drawn to explore yours this morning. I was compeled to read your article on the abuse case, and was APAULED, as I'm sure everyone is. I have tried for a few years now to open a rescue here, Northern Michigan, but have run up against all of the political b@@@@@@@@ tht comes along with it. I commend you for what you do. I do believe that we are all held accountable for our actions and this man has his maker to face yet. I would not want to be in his shoes!! No matter what your belief system is, we are 'charged' with the care of the animals of this earth by our God(however you choose to view him/her)and there will be a higher and harsher judgement day. Keep doing all the good that you do. And if you have any advice for me as to how to get through all of the legal stuff for a rescue, please do share.

Gecko said...

There are many horrible things in this world, but animal cruelty has to be one of the worst.
I am glad to hear he did get at least some time in jail, and not just another slap on the wrist.

Good on you for being a part of CARE, it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

A horrible story, unfortunately not a one off, a couple of weeks ago we had almost the same story here in England, dead horses lying in fields, and starving horses in barns, all at the same farm, I think it involved about 40 horses in total, it makes me sick.
These people need locking up for good.