Monday, January 21, 2008

Cowgirl in the city

Hello all, sorry for my absence to blogging this past week. I took a trip to the windy city of Chicago for an interview. The city lived up to it's name alright and it was down right frigid even without the wind. But alas, I survived and actually enjoyed myself and got the job! I truly am thankful I do not live in the city as the traffic was something I had not dealt with in quite sometime. I suppose I will be spending much more time in my car now that I am back to being a sales rep again. Actually, I am so looking forward to working again and the challenges it will bring. Please folks remind me of this in a few months time when I start griping about my job. Enough of that. On Harley news he was a real turd (not exactly what my husband called him but close) while I was away. He chose to play the turn and run away game when it was time to come in for the evening. His plan backfired on him, as my husband decided he could stay out in the 8 degree weather for the night while Tank came in. Luckily I put their blankets on before I left town. The next night he was and I quote "a perfect gentleman". He is nothing if not smart that little rascal. The trainer is not healing as well as expected from his broken leg so our training date has been pushed back to the 15th of February, hopefully. Judging by the amount of comments I have had 0n the horse abuse story, this is a common occurrence in more parts of the world than just mine. I am sorry to report that my state had another massive rescue this past weekend about an hour from my house involving 69 horses this time. Where will they all go ?? I am doing my part as usual and donating time and hay if I can find more locally. Frustrating to know this is probably just the beginning with the shortage of hay and the state of the economy. Thanks for listening and all your comments! As always ..
happy trails......


Mrs Mom said...

Congrats on the new Job TRC!

Let us all know the details (when they are available) on the lastest siezure of horses out there....


Anonymous said...

69 horses!!! I volunteer in dog rescue and I know how hard it is to find foster homes for the dogs when there's a raid on a puppy mill or hoarder. Horses are so much harder. Let us know how we can help. :-(

Congrats on the job.


Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like Harley got the hint real fast about not wanting to be caught. We use the same method here with any that don't want to go in.

We have had more cases of abuse and neglect here. I think it's going to be one of those winters. So sad.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey TRC- I got an interesting email today from the folks at

They are looking for horse rescues to contact and spotlight them. Thought I would pass the info along, as it seems your all are swamped righ tnow with yet another large siezure.

Contact Renee Kitsmiller at:

Hope that can help garner some publicity for you guys!!