Friday, January 25, 2008

Andy and Tank update

I took Andy to the vet yesterday and got some bad news on his condition.
I guessed correctly and he has massive ear infections in both ears and could barely hear. The vet felt like it is something he has battled probably his whole life and most likely will continue to have trouble with. The trouble with his leg is common among Shepard's and is from the spine fusing in the hindquarter area. Despite the prognosis I was happy to determine he was not hit by a car as I suspected. Yesterday at the vet's office he looked up at me and I was filled with sadness that his eyes held. Anyone who knows me can tell you I am not the feignt of heart or a big crybaby , but this dog moved me to tears with his trust in me so soon. That said, he will not likely be a candidate for adoption because of his age, health and special needs. I am doing the required posting of him being found and the board of CARE is reviewing our options with him. I am not sure I could return him in good faith if indeed I found his owner. Rest assured if it comes to it, Andy will live out his life here on my farm if necessary.

On to Tank, my old friend. We seem to be making progress with the wound, at least it doesn't stink anymore. Despite my frostbitten fingers I continue to flush the wound twice daily. A good Friend of mine suggest putting the solution in a spray bottle instead of syringe, it worked quite well. He is still eating and drinking well and in spite of teenager Harley harassing him to joust and run he is handling it well. The weather is going to be relatively warm this weekend and I hope to be able to clip the hair away and do a better assessment of the situation. Till next time
Happy trails...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bless you for helping that poor dog. I'm glad he found you.


Gecko said...

I'm sorry to hear about Andy, but I'm sure he will be happy living on your farm if that's what it comes to.
It's much different here, summer and everything is hot!

Carol said...

The story you wrote about Andy is soooo sad. I'm glad he found you and will have a forever home at your place if need be. The world needs more people like you.

Jersey, my family's newest canine member is also very timid. Timid dogs are a challenge when it comes to gaining their trust -- but once you have it, they make outstanding companions!

You and Andy are in my thoughts -- I hope he gets well!

(aka. Campin Horseluvr)

Victoria Cummings said...

You certainly have your hands full. I hope the weather gives you a break. Tank and Andy are lucky to be cared for by such a kind-hearted cowgirl. They both sound like sweethearts. You're doing the right thing!