Monday, January 7, 2008

Pay it forward..

Ok, my blog friend Kathy at of horses and art had a little contest on her blog awhile back called pay it forward. The premise was to be the first three to comment on the blog and win a little prize. The catch was that of course you then must pay it forward. If you have not seen the movie with Helen Hunt then go rent it. The world could use more of these selfless acts of kindness. I haven't recieved my little prize just yet, but that is the beauty of it I am paying it forward.

Here's the pitch..... Be the first three to comment on my blog and I will pay you with a little prize from my new leather shop. Then of course you must pay it forward on your blog. Think of all the happiness we are spreading in the new year! Ready, set..... go!


Mrs Mom said...

Hey There TRC! I'll make a deal with you- I'll "pay it forward" on Oh HorseFeathers as well, but if I qualify for a gift from your leather works shop, sell it instead and donate the proceeds to a local deserving horse rescue. ;)

How did the ride on Harley go the other day? Sonny the rehab horse has been off work for a bit- he is hip high with growth again, and I have a NASTY cold.... Gonna be fun crawling back up there!

Happy Hoofin!
Mrs mom

Rising Rainbow said...

I think I might be able to do this. Is there a time limit on when it must be done? That is my only concern because I'm gone for a few days and have my posts all set to be posted during the bried stints that I'm home.

A said...

How lovely that you are doing this! I agree that we can spread more happiness than we could imagine!

Your writing is very moving. I'm so glad to have found your blog.