Saturday, January 12, 2008

follow up to pay it forward

This is a follow up to my pay it forward blog from earlier this week.
Thanks everyone for participating. A special thanks to Shannon from
Ohhorsefeathers, because of you donating your prize I was able to buy
800lbs of hay for the local horse rescue here in town! Talk about paying it forward.

To Mikael, send your snail mail address to me privately and yours will be on the way.

To A, I cannot find your email online so please email me privately at and give me your info so I can send your prize as well.

For anyone else who wants to do a pay it forward on their blog, I say go for it the world could use some more happiness.

Happy trails......

1 comment:

Mrs Mom said...

WHOOHOO!! Feed those horses!! 800 LB ought to be a big help there- just glad we could help out in a small way.

Keep it going folks!!
Shannon/ Mrs Mom